Using Google Adwords - some keywords don't get any clicks

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I bid on around 250 keywords and some of them haven't even got displayed although
important for me and people are definitely searching for those keywords. At the same
some keywords have a bad click-through ratio and these are displayed, which seems very
strange and stupid. Wouldn't it be smarter if Google at least tried displaying those
which haven't even got chance? Continuing displaying keywords with a bad click-through
rate seems stupid to me.

Does Adwords pick the top-most keywords which you have listed and go further down the
list only when these keywords pass a certain search frequency? Would the keywords
further down the list be chosen if I increased the daily budget? I've set a max daily
which is $20 and Google hits it every day. Can it be that Google won't pick the
further down the list only when it's "necessary"?

Is there anyway for me to change this odd behaviour?


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