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Are postings to usenet groups ranked higher by search engines than
other groups or forums like google groups or yahoo groups?  I'm
wondering because I posted a life insurance discussion on a usenet
group and got attacked by a couple of other posters and that
particular discussion ranks higher than anything posted on other types
of groups. /

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On May 18, 11:36 am, ""
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Google groups and Usenet groups probably get the same treatment,
although Usenet groups are less spammy then the other.

I suspect Yahoo groups are heavily penalized due to the enormity of
the spamming going on there.

This is just my gut feeling and surely can be contested.

Fred /
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Really?  I have been away from newsgroups for a really long time and
when I did frequent them it was moderated programming type groups, but
I would have thought that the anonymous nature of usenet groups would
faciliate much more spam posts than google groups that you have to
join ... especially since spamming the wrong groups can get you kicked
off google groups ... no?

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On May 18, 1:46 pm, ""
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Google groups are initially moderated by a manager of the group who
can easily be biased towards what he allows to be posted or not. Many
Google group manager simply neglect their responsibility to their
community and don't attempt to control the spam. Subsequently, the
group's purpose becomes diluted in a sea of international spammers.
Usenet groups are mostly moderated and managers have more
accountability to the Group than do their Google counterparts. Usenet
groups that are not moderated seems to either self-moderate or
disappear altogether due to ongoing neglect.

Remember too, that Google makes Usenet groups appear to be Google
Groups and that a large percentage of Google Groups are not Usenet
Groups at all.

Usenet and Google Groups should have been two separate things but
Google still has other ideas about what it can do.

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