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Ever since Yahoo stopped using Google for it's searches, I have been
using Yahoo to look up searches, IN ADDITION to Google, to get the best
results and it works well

Running across Dogpile, I found it was one of the few metasearch engines
that polls Google and Yahoo and also MSN, among others.

Question is, is there any reason not to go full time to dogpile and just
use that. I've experimented a little and the results seem consistant in
that Dogpile will always return Google, Yahoo and MSN the same as when
looked up seperately.

But that is just my own limited experiment.

So does Dogpile consistantly return same results as other engines when
looked up thru each search engine individually?


Re: Use of Dogpile

__/ [] on Monday 12 September 2005 06:44 \__

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I found that Yahoo contained too much spam. Too poor a signal-to-noise

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sounds good in theory, does it not?

If you take mushroom soup, a steak, some ice-cream and mix them all together
in a blender, then and only then, you would get the perfect meal, right?

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There are sites that I came across which display results from several
engines side-by-side, i.e. you search several engines in parallel and have
a busy results page.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It should definitely do that provided that it uses the API's correctly. I
can think of an exception. A site that I use for generating RSS from Google
SERP's aggregates too many nested results. It is still fairly decent.

Hope it helps,


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Re: Use of Dogpile

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 00:44:56 -0500, Gymdandy wrote:

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This is the way I check a lot of search engines at once:

* Download Firefox Browser if you don't already have it
* Download the Customize Google extension at
* Close all Firefox windows and restart Firefox to activate the

After installing Customize Google you can do a Google search (just hit
CRTL-K or CTRL-R to put the cursor in the search field on the top right of
the browser).  The Google results page will now have a section at the top
that says, "Try your search on Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, AllTheWeb, Teoma, MSN,
Lycos, Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines, Altavista"

To repeat the same search on the other search engines without losing your
place on the Google page, middle-click (or CTRL-click) on the other search
engines that you want to search.  The results from the other search
engines will load in other tabs in the background.


Re: Use of Dogpile

Wd10 wrote:

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 I've just spent about 10 minutes playing with it and can confirm that it is a
great extension! Thanks for posting that!

Brad Blanchard
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Re: Use of Dogpile

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 20:18:46 +0200, GB Blanchard wrote:

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No problem.  I have "introductions" to some other useful Firefox
extensions on my web site.  Some of the "tutorials" aren't online yet
(like Customize Google) -- I'm updating my site to run on a CMS to speed
up the publishing before I put them all online.  Google Preview is another
one that I like. There is one called a4seo which I've only played around
with a little.  I have about 45 extensions installed.  Not entirely
stable like that, but it has a lot of features... :S

J. Cohen

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