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I'm still trying to fiqure out why google has indexed some of my
pages just fine (and keeps adding more all the time) but hasn't
indexed others.

Before I thought it was because I had used relative URLs with
the non-indexed ones, but that explanation was turned down by
many here.

There's one more difference in my code. I've defined a class
for the non-indexed URLs inside the <a href> tag. Is this bad?

The ones Google has indexed don't have any style formatting
within the <a href> tag.

Simo Savonen

Re: URLs with 'class' atribute

<a href="somepage.htm" class="b">some page</a> works fine for me. (and
Google that is)
Some link checkers/extractors don't understand classes inside the href tags

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Re: URLs with 'class' atribute

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I'm only a css learner but shoudln't you just apply a more general rule to a
group of links rather than applying an individual rule to a single link?

Re: URLs with 'class' atribute

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 16:03:11 +0100, "Brothermark"

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You can do both. I'm working on our site currently and making some
changes using class so as to remove a bunch of font tags.

Take for example if you want all but one of your h2 tags to be
identical, but you don't want to use font tags etc... on the unique
h2, this is very easy to do with class :-))

Adult Lingerie UK

Re: URLs with 'class' atribute

Dirk wrote:
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Have you done any research?  Which do/don't?

William Tasso - http://WilliamTasso.com

Re: URLs with 'class' atribute

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Yes I did quite some link extraction scripting & research.

an extractor script you can download from http://php.org does only recognize
<a href>,
not <a anything_else>. The bigger ones like w3c.org and hitbox.com have no
problem with the class,tilte or target commands inside your anchor tags.
(google,iwon,altavista,alltheweb,teoma have no problems either!)


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