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Hi, all,
Google regularly visits our site but only found index.html, not any other
pages. I used "site" comand and found out other pages looks like as follows:


If click the above links, it definetely can not find the page because the
url should be www.ourdomain/link.html. I guess the problem it may come from
the begining when we started the web site two months ago. At the that
moment, we used related links like \link.html to link different pages. Right
now we have changed every url links in
http://www.ourdomain.com/something.html format. In addition, I noticed
google keep showing one of our url we removed long time ago. Does anyone
have similar problem before?

Thank you very much for your advice.

Re: url problem in google


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The fact that you used relative links isn't the problem. The problem
is that you used backslashes (\) instead of forward slashes (/). %5C
refers to ASCII 5C(hex) or 92(decimal) which is the backslash.

Feel free to use relative links with forward slashes if you want to
save space & bandwidth.


Re: url problem in google

Thanks a lot for your information. Since we dropped the use of backslash
some time ago, why google is still using our old url links from index.html.
The funny thing I noticed is that latest google update was July 10 and this
problem still exists. Any idea what's happened?



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Re: url problem in google

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I have the same problem with my site.
I have not used \, but for the most part, I have links on my index.html
should they be
href="./articles.html" ?
The article.html is a page of links to href="articles/articlename.html"
should they be href="./articles/articlename.html"?

As with your case, the website has changed radicaly from what it once was.
It used to be frames based with lots of spam links in the <noframes>
As soon as I got hold of the site, and started to learn about SEO, I redid
the site to not include the span, and not be frames based.

Ever since then, I have not been able to get google to index anything other
then the index page, and in the transition from frames to noframes, I run
the new site first in the root of the site and called the filenames "new_"*,
then as /new/*.
Bugger me, Google picked up them pages, and wont let go of em (been gone for
almost 2 months now).
Problem is, it hasnt picked up the new stuff!!!
So, I understand your frustration!  I'm faced with a simular problem.


Dam!  Would be believe it!  My sub pages are now indexed!  Wernt there a few
days ago.
Old ones are still there, but have custom 404 page to take care of that.
Dont know what I changed to make the difference, but I'm now happy.

So, it may just be a matter of time.
Dont really understand that...but...
Any comments from others on this?

Re: url problem in google

Putting "./" at the beginning of a relative URL is completely unnecessary,
unless the URL contains a colon character that would otherwise be mistaken
as a scheme name (like "http:" or "ftp:")

So "articles.html" is fine as it is. Changing it to "./articles.html" has no
effect, except that your HTML file is how 2 bytes longer.

So unless your URLs contain colons, I suggest you leave it out.

Take a look at <http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt if you want to learn


Philip Ronan
(Please remove the "z"s if replying by email)

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