URL Parameters in SEO

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My web site currently uses a script to build web pages depending on a

e.g. /index.php?id=1
e.g. /index.php?id=2

A friend recommends that I seperate all of my content into seperate
files and give them meaningful file names to aid SEO.

e.g. /web-page-title.php
e.g. /my-next-web-page-title.php

My thoughts are that rather than build new files everytime, I could
just use meaningful names in my parameter for the same effect on SEO.

e.g. /index.php?page=web-page-title
e.g. /index.php?page=my-next-web-page-title

Am I correct, or would a search engine pay no notice to the names of
my parameters?


Re: URL Parameters in SEO

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IMHO yes it does make a difference.

If you're on a windows server then try out ISAPI rewrite.

Then you could use something like:
www.yoursite.com/1/web-page-title.htm or

ISAPI rw would filter this incoming url and send it /index.php?id=1 etc


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