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I purchased another Domain for my site. The company I bought it from, offers
URL Frame forwarding. This essentially works as follows.

Using the Nameservers of the registrar I used, when the domain is requested,
you are forwarded to whatever site you choose. ex: www.newdomain.com would
forward to www.originalsite.com/folder/page.html  .... When the site is
accessed this way, using the new domain name, the URL in the address bar
stays stuck on www.newdomain.com for your entire visit to the site.

If you view source, It shows code for a Frameset, with absolutely no
metatags, no title, none of your code at all .... ( obviously generated by
the new registrar )

Anyone know a way around this to get my site info to show up in that frame ?
At least this way I could submit it to Google heaven ... Otherwise I see it
as a waste of a domain name ( unless I get hosting for it on its own of
course )

David D.

Re: URL Frame

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When I run into sites like this, I break the link immediately and look elsewhere.


Re: URL Frame

This is a temporary solution for me. My original site has gotten kinda off
in 2 directions ... hence another domain name.

I WILL be moving one portion Completely to the new domain name soon, just
thought I'd make ues in the meantime ... My intention is certainly not to
have a bunch of domains all pointing to the same content, but for the
interm, get my users used to typing the new domain name in.

It will be completely it's own site very soon. I do my best to "Play by the

David D.

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frame ?
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Re: URL Frame

David wrote:
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Within the frameset write a section

and place your content between them. If you can't do that, bad
After that, find a less crappy solution than that frameset.


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