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What sort of upload speeds should I get on a 2Mb , 4Mb 8Mb connection

Does it depned how far I am from the PTT local exchange / length of the
tail ?



Re: Upload on DSL

HunkyDoreyMan wrote:
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  256kb I would expect.

The emphasis is always on the download speed rather than upload.
I don't think distance would make a difference as it's length of wire so
theoretical upload speed would be the same as achievable download speed
if it wasn't restricted by configuration.

10Mb cable with blueyonder is still only 384kb upload.

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Re: Upload on DSL

Pet @ www.gymratz.co.uk ;) wrote:
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The Qwest package I have is 1.5M/890K d/u ;)
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Re: Upload on DSL

On 6 Mar 2006 12:58:25 -0800, "HunkyDoreyMan"

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Yes. It also depends on the package you get from your ISP. Verizon,
for example, offers 3M/768k or 768k/128k d/u for home connections.
They offer 3M/768k or 7.1M/768k d/u for business, but actual speeds
may vary.

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