UPDATED: What's New in Genealogy & Family History Resources?

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UPDATED: What's New in Genealogy
& Family History Resources?

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Research Notes:
* Genealogy Webmaster - Webmasters
  - WebsiteMagazine.com
    Free web site trade publication
    Internet merchant magazine;
    website industry news,
    services, and articles.

* Living FAMILY and FUN Portal
  - Neighborhood Link: vPike.com
    HOA (Homeowner Association),
    neighbourhood, condo and community
    free websites.

Genealogical and Service Organizations
worldwide benefit, by being involved with
Neighborhood link and similar sites.
Groups could be interested in topics
on: Preservation and Historic Buildings,
House - Event - Location, as well as
integrating with genealogy conferences,
Social Networking: General or Family Trees.

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