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How to increase unique visitor ? And whats the different sources ?

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Re: Unique Visitor Need

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Unique, interesting, relavent content.

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Re: Unique Visitor Need

On 9/7/2011 4:55 AM, rajesh kumar wrote:
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Write content that is so compelling that your visitors will want to tell
their friends about it.

Re: Unique Visitor Need

Scott Bryce (sbryce@scottbryce.com) wrote:

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***   He should also be willing to update and change that content on a
regular basis.

   In addition:

* Keep the opening page short and fast loading with no proprietary html,
   and with no plug-ins or add-ons required. If any of this is needed or
   becomes used elsewhere at the site, supply comprehensive "Alt" and "No
   Script / No Frames" alternatives.

* Make the site easy to navigate with Tables of Contents (ToC) pages for
   each subsection as opposed to one large, links-bloated main page.

* Keep links selection on each ToC page short. As suggested above, too
   many links can be overwhelming.

* Be sure that your site can be seen and navigated with a text browser.
   That ensures traffic from users of all platforms.

* If the site is, or becomes, very large, do place a "Search" feature
   specific to the site.
   I even incorporate a Search field into each major subsection of my
   websites. These focus a visitor's requests into ever more-narrowing
   areas and increases the likelihood of him finding what he wants, while
   keeping the search results simple and non over-whelming.

   This last point is important. Finding what one wants quickly by
presenting fewer, more focused choices makes for longer stays. There is
little worse than losing a visitor from his frustration or he being
unable to find what he wants even though the site actually has the desired
content.  )-:

   Hopefully all this will equate into the visitor telling his friends, as
Scott has pointed out.

   ...and finally:

* Advertise the site in relevant newsgroups and forums
   (within the guidelines of those groups, of course.)

* If appropriate for the site, make up business cards to hand out
   at in-person meetings.

* Place the URL in your signature for e-mails and posts to newsgroups and

* Participate in shows, seminars, fleamarkets, and so on that are relevant
   to the website and have advertisements in the forms of banners,
    business cards, flyers, etc.

* Contact sitemasters of websites with similar content and announce your
   website to see if they will link to yours. (You should, in turn, be
   willing to post their links.)

   Above all, the content must make visitors want to return to one's site
and hopefully recommend it to others seeking that same type of content.

      Richard Bonner

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