Two exact quotes srange results (except Google)

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I tried to find pages where two slogans would be compared, Sony's "go
create" and Panasonic's "ideas for life", so I queried

|"go create" "ideas for life"|

The search from yahoo returned near 30,000 result (similar to Alltheweb
and Yahoo another prove of merging), but all results (or at least the
biggest part) were wrong.

Google returned only 4 results, but all were correct and correctly
highlighted in the result page.

I tried several others (dogpile, vivisimo), much fewer than Yahoo's
conglomeration, but also irrelevant, only icerocket returned 4 links
(hmm... google forwarding :-)

I tried also another random query (forget about english grammar :-)

|"do take" "something for good"|

The same effect, only Google is correct

I'd be glad to hear your opinions. Or at least please show me another
engine with the same accurate resuls.



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