Two domains, one content

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I am a biginer in webmastering in Croatia (hr).
I have a firm that has one name,
and I am an exclusive distributor for another firm's products.
I've opend a domain by the name of my firm,
and one by the name of the firm which products i distribute (becouse
they sugested it).
Non of them are active yet.
I have (for now) onely one content for one domain.
What do you sugest that I do?
(redirect,duplicate content, new content on other domain or something


Re: Two domains, one content

__/ [ ] on Friday 02 June 2006 11:30 \__

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* Don't duplicate.

* If redirection is chosen, there will be no true gain, but make sure the
redirection goes towards the domain name that contains your key words or
better represents the product/company, from a (human) client's point of

* Separation of content and assignment of pages to each site separately is an
intersting possibility, which, if I were in your showed, I would go for.
There were scenario where I split a domain to 'child' domains, redirecting
from the old location in the process. The main drawback I can think of it
iability to seamlessly edit multiple domains. You often have to duplicate

Best wishes,


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Re: Two domains, one content

On 2 Jun 2006 03:30:37 -0700, wrote:

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Different content for each domain. You have to do that, I don't think
doing a redirect from one to the other would escape the attention of
Google. Plus it can be useful as you can quite legitimately link from
one to the other.


Re: Two domains, one content

Thanks guys,
redirecting would be the easyest way, I know,
but making a new content would be most productive,
for I would than have two diferent pages
which represent my firm
and therefore more search results in google.
I'm afraid to separate my content to two pages,
I think that would confuse my client and google to.

Thanks again

Re: Two domains, one content

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Not necesarilly. Most important thing about the site are links to it -  
having two sites you must work on links to both. Better have one large  
site with content of two, than opposite.


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