Try again: Rumor? One-Word?

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Can anyone please tell me if there are any "rumors" about the "pros or
cons" about just having a ONE-WORD text link?

Since I already rank okay for 2 and 3 word text links, I wanted to
experiment with one-word links.

For example, "widgets," rather than, "buy widgets," or, "buy green


Re: Try again: Rumor? One-Word?

Carl Wan wrote:
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There's no advantage to having one word for your anchor text unless your
serp happens to be one word. Otherwise what would be the point of it? If
you sell widgets then widgets needs to be your main anchor text and your
best anchor text. If blue widgets is your main serp over every other
type of widget there is than blue widgets is your best anchor text and
cutting it down to one word 'widgets' is going to make you do worse not

Re: Try again: Rumor? One-Word?

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Hey, that made sense!

Is that you Sam?  ;-)

/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: Try again: Rumor? One-Word?

Carl Wan wrote in

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I'd advise against shouting. Whilst I don't doubt that your gratitude is
genuine, the shouting may make it seem to others as though you are really
expressing impatience. That might put them off replying rather than
encouraging them.

I don't know anything about rumours but if you want to rank highly for a one
word search term you'd do well to optimise for that one word search term.
The phrase AB has a 50% density for word A (and for B obviously) whilst the
word A has a 100% density.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

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