Travelocity to Google: Stop dissing multi-million dollar ad clients!

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Why Paid Search May NOT Be the Best ROI For Your Incremental Dollar

Jeff Glueck, Travelocity Chief Marketing Officer, is on a mission, and
he brought that mission to today. In an impassioned solo panel
appearance before ecommerce professionals and brand marketers this
afternoon, Glueck put forth a business case for why keyword-based
search advertising 1) embodies the law of diminishing returns, 2) is
not self-funding and 3) is not inherently "golden."

What's more, Glueck had a personal message to his fellow advertisers
in the room, stand-up and let Google know that advertisers demand to be
treated with respect! Glueck conveyed his dismay and frustration that
as a multi-million dollar Google advertiser, Travelocity is not
provided the transparency and respect that common courtesy and standard
business practices call for.

Glueck is leading a challenge to Google: treat multi-million dollar
advertisers as partners, not merely writers of large checks to Google,
or risk losing million of dollars in ad business.

Glueck specifically referenced Google's secrecy and lack of
communication-such as notification of algorithm changes-which
results in Travelocity and other top tier advertisers potentially
losing "millions of dollars."

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Re: Travelocity to Google: Stop dissing multi-million dollar ad clients! wrote:
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Whine, whine, whine. Paid search is ruining SEs, and the sooner it goes
away, the better. Natural search serves the client or customer, but
following out paid search links is mostly a waste of the client's or
customer's time.

cat yronwode

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