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I've to transalate a site.

Three questions about:
-1) is best to have a domain for each language
or a unique domain that contain language information like
-2) ranking isn't the same for first solution and second solution?
-3) what's the best method for spider to follow other languages? now, i put
an image link with an alt attribute
that report the name of language for each flag

Matteo Migliore.

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Re: Translate a site

Matteo Migliore wrote:
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I am no expert on this, but  if your wanted customers are in the USA, France
and Germany then I would definitely go for first method. i.e.
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Regarding wanted customers in various countries make sure that each web site
server is physically in the country concerned and has an IP address that is
in ranges associated with that country.  Check the IP address before you
buy, by investigating web sites on close IP addresses.  Each home page can
have a two flag links across to the other sites and a flag for itself to
look nice!. Take care to avoid duplicated pages so don't copy English pages
on the German site and vice versa.

If you are in the USA and wish to target people in the USA who speak French,
German or English then the first method naming is still OK, but locate all
three sites in the USA.  The second method is also suitable for one country:
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In this case think carefully how the 'home page' will work.  I would think
in terms of setting the server so that the home page was  and promoting the top pages in each sub domain
using words in the relevent languages.  If you have a home page in the root
directory it runs the risk of being muddled with all three languages and
thus dilute for everything and not very effective for anything. Get incoming
links to the top page in each sub domain - with the right language anchor
words of course!.  Each top page can have a two flag links across to the top
pages and a flag for itself to look nice!
Best regards, Eric.

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