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Hi all:

To Big Bill - Trafficlogic will not allow advertisers to write the
articles themselves even if you are an expert. I asked and they sited
a conflict of interest. So that idea won't fly with them.

As far as any progress, I last posted on 9/28/04. Here we are about 2
months later and my traffic is even less than it was last time and
absolutely ZERO sales from that venue (thank goodness we are doing
well with other advertising in non-internet venues.)

We consider the $1,500 spent on Trafficlogic CPA lost and a lesson
learned in pure internet junk. I contacted them again last month and
according to them the severe drop in traffic and sales was part of the
plan!!! It had to die first then after 6 months it would zoom up to
the top(yeah right). Hate to be cynical but these people just sell
sell sell - their services.

Worse still, my "dedicated account executive" has NEVER called me or
emailed one time since the campaign went live to check in or see if
she could help or anything. In fact when I expressed concern to her
about the lack of traffic, she referred me to someone who "knew more
about that!" All in all I'd say stay far away from Trafficlogic. Their
ideas may be well intended but they do NOT deliver money-producing
results at all. (at least as far as I can see.)

Our site pulls and has pulled in very good money and has a loyal
clientele and Trafficlogic has added absolutely nothing to the mix.
Their work is spammy and amateurish, only their services sales pitch
is slick and honed. In fact I personally was called at least 2-3 times
a week for 4 months until I decided to buy in. After that I never got
another call. What does that tell you?

If you feel the need to "buy in" don't do it. Stick to a plan that's
working and work it yourself. I've found nothing in terms of Internet
advertising that works (and I know because I worked for many many
online advertising companies as a copywriter and they only offer
exposure and that's it.) And because the cost is so expensive right
now compared to real-world direct marketing that pays for itself - I'd
say keep Internet advertising to a small percentage of budget until
someone actually comes up with something other than pay-per-click and
ezine ads. My 2 cents!

Take Care,
John Chiappetta
Director, Marketing Initiatives
Cynergy Concepts, Inc.

Re: Trafficlogic

On 16 Nov 2004 19:02:37 -0800, (J) wrote:

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Did they suggest why that should happen? Sandbox, maybe?


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