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There are only two ways you can get traffic to your site with out
offending search engine spiders and spending a lot of money for
software's that they claim will get you 10000000000 traffics.
One is to optimize your site the good old way.... a page at a time and
the other is you pay per click. If there is any one who claims other
wise, I challenge them.

The software that claims will get you traffic doesn't only bring you a
potintial traffic but also undesired kind of traffic or get you kicked
out of the major search engines……..
Be careful………………..

Best Regards,
Electronic Business Solutions Provider Building a web site and being listed in
search engines database is not enough. High ranking in search engines
result is a prime key to the success of your web site. A good search
engine ranking position is like highly targeted advertising that is
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Re: Traffice to your site.......

OK, I'll take the challenge. There is now a third way to get traffic
to your Web site. Use OTP (Other People's Traffic). Imagine that you
could take a high ranking Web site and use their traffic to get you

Well, stop imagining and do it. How about not waiting around for
people to find your Web site and mailing it to them? Sounds like
science fiction, doesn't it? It's not.

Is this possible? Come and find out.

Best regards,
Michel Murray

On 27 Aug 2003 20:40:05 -0700, wrote:

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Stop fighting the "Top 30" battles, use other people's traffic!
Put your Web site on high traffic Web sites.

Re: Traffice to your site.......

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Text from above site:

"Stop slugging it out with the search engines! You have thousands, and
perhaps tens of thousands of competitors for your search terms. Avoid the
agony, frustration and costs of working for months to firmly anchor position
100. There's a better way"

1. I do indeed have lots of competitors for my keywords (but most of them
don't know they are competing)
2. I don't find seo agonising or frustrating
3. I worked for 2 months
4. I am firmly anchored insde the top 5, not the top 100.

But your service does look interesting. Do you have a demo of the type of
banner that you create?

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