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Re: Traffic vs Income

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Very nice post Carol.

James Taylor - SEO, Web Development and Hosting -FREE SEO TOOLS

Re: Traffic vs Income

Ok...I have done some of these things.  When I do go to message boards
I try to offer help because my mom suffers from chronic pain and that
is how we started making  and using these heating pads.  I do try to
be very kind and not like I am soliciting.

I do have business cards, but I have not passed them out with the tip.
 I had thought of that, but I was not sure if that works.  We normally
leave a large tip (we are a large family) and so manybe leaving the
card would spark some interest.

James, I had thought about focusing in on seniors that camp.  Our
family owns a travel trailer and we camp a lot.  These campers have
microwaves.  I could pass out my card to seniors that are camping in
motor homes because they would have the money to buy...and plus these
heating pads are not expensive.  Also, I could have a few handy just
in case someone would like to feel it.  Does that sound good or pushy?
 I have given some out as door prizes and auction charities...not many
sels from there.  I ddi send two out to fibromyalgia sufferes support
group monitors.  One I think wa a scam, the other has helped me a lot
and we have become friends.  I have tried to reach other moderators,
but it does get expensive mailing these out.

Also, yes, I am ranked 14...but last week I was lost my
home page.  If you noticed it was either my product, testimonial, or
FAQ page that is listed.  My goal is to be under "microwave heating
pad" and "heating pad"  I designed my website for those keyword.
According to those are higher traffice words.  I think I
know what the probelm is, I just do not know why...I bought and  I use for business cards and for sew on lables and is forwarded to www;
google now has my home page listed as and not   You can see this if you look up snuggley
heating pad (that is the only way to see my home page)  What
happenned?  I have never submitted and I do not use that
as links to anything.  Do you know why?

I will continue to read the boards to learn as much as I can about
making websites.  It is very hard to understand...sometimes I get
lost, but over time I should figure it out....I am a smart girl. ;-)

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Traffic vs Income

On 8 Apr 2004 09:15:15 -0700,
(chickeebabee) wrote:

[another essentially non-SEO post]

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Ok, you mentioned about posting at those areas then seeing "no
soliciting" ... so that's why I worded my response about that thought
the way I did.

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Hand out those business cards every chance you get. Out of every 10
passed out - you may get 2 to 3 customers as a result.
In terms of handing it out with a tip, just place it on top of the
money. Next time you go out to eat and the place is busy, notice how
the wait staff "scoop" up money off their tables. They will pick up
the money and cram it in a pocket; if the card is on top, chances good
that it will be scooped up with the money too.

Some places the staff pins the cards up on a bulliton board in the
'break room"; other people keep the cards ... and yes, some people
will not keep them but throw them away.

However - one comment ailment that can affect workers in the
restuarant industry is also shared by secretaries: carpal tunnel. So
some of the people may be interested in those heating pads for their

With your product you can develop customers offline and online both -
you aren't limited. So you can be a little creative too - on both
fronts: on promoting your site and product.

About not wanting to appear "pushy"; you will have to be a little bit
pushy, just try to keep it at a friendly level. However, if you aren't
a little bit pushy - then 1] promoting of the site and product will be
slower and/or 2] people will try to take advantage of the fact you
don't want to be "pushy".

Think of how you can build up some customers locally while also
working on getting your site "out there" and promoting it to get an
online base of consumers.

Think Avon sales folks, back in the days they did the door to door
thing, and/or Tupperware demonstrators at home parties and/or even the
Home Interior sales person at that "home party" set up. Now think
about how often you bought something at one of those home parties or
from that Avon sales rep ... *grin* Now can you think of how to apply
some of those thoughts to your product?

For example; You wondered about taking alone some "samples" and
letting people "see them" - do it! Most people can say is "no", best
they can say is "yes" ... bestest they can say is "I will take 2!"

For another example: Avon's Skin-So-Soft is a bath oil. But how else
is it marketed to get people to buy it ... last I heard they had 99
different "ways one can use" that product, from keeping ants out of
the house to mosquito repellent, etc. Many of the sales of that
product is by people NOT using it as a bath oil but for one or more of
the other 99 uses ... *grin*

Now you are focusing on seniors with this product. And then
considering targetting/contacting some seniors that camp. ...

Ok, but don't forget the other end of the age thoughts!

My husband used to travel a lot with his job - and got a stiff neck
from lugging around his suitcase and laptop through airports and then
the plane trip itself ... he tried packing a heating pad but outlets
in the rooms were not always conveniently located for him to use it;
most of his rooms though had a small microwave [either in the room
itself or downstairs in the lobby] or kitchenette with a microwave in
it. Can this product be taken through airport security? Using
Victoria's idea - create a page of "packing tips" and share in that
about how convenient this product is - won't take up a lot of room in
the suitcase, no worry about having the right kind of outlet to use it
or an outlet that is "conveniently located"  ... all they need is
access to a microwave.

And in one of your posts you mentioned about pregnant women - may
consider that as online source of getting link backs also from sites
devoted to themes about moms, families, or pregnancy.

I also pointed out about carpal tunnel sufferers within this post. It
was not uncommon for a server, who had some degree of carpal tunnel,
to wrap their wrists in warm wet cloths while taking a break during
their shift. Heating pad was out ... but majority of restuarants have
a microwave. In terms of secretaries - my father's office had a
microwave in back ... I imagine other offices may also.


Sounds like you can have fun with this product on where and how you
promote it. ;) You aren't limited to online or offline customer base
.. but can take advantage of both realms. Create niches for your
product but don't limit the niche options either to just one or two
targetted groups of users when it is more versatile.


Re: Traffic vs Income

Fist of all I hate that this will take hours to be
all are so AWESOME!!  YOu all have given me so many more ideas.  On my
website I was to have a longer description...but I could not think of
anything else to say.  You all have helped me and opened so many
doors.  I just spoke with a dad from my son's baseball team and said
that I should look at hunters as well because a lot of them have back maybe hunters magazines?!

I have a lot to read, and re-read....thank you all so very much.  I am
just shocked with all of things that you all came up with.  Just very
impressive.  That's is why you all are successful business people and
I am a stay at home mom ;-)  Maybe in a few years I will be helping
out a mom trying something new.

Again...thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Traffic vs Income

On 8 Apr 2004 17:08:44 -0700,
(chickeebabee) wrote:

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 Just passing along some things that worked in my past - and some
things that my dad once passed along my way that I felt worked.
Nothing I shared was really SEO related - just chipped in my 2 pennies
all the same on the thread. If anything was usable - then I am glad to
have helped pass it along or inspire you in any way.

I wish you well on your site and efforts with promoting your product.


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