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Good Post  - Heres basicly what they say is wrong to do, and is why Google
Removed those Clients Pages:

The company's representative told him they used unique software, dubbed
Search Engine Entry Pages, that would help land his clients' Web sites on
Google's top-10 list. To do this, Traffic Power would build Web pages based
on key words associated with the particular business type, then forward the
first search page to a Web page they created. The links displayed would then
route people to the sites of Traffic Power clients.


Am I to understand all they did was make up a Google Search engine Friendly
Page with the Keywords the client wants Targeted on it, and Have Links to
the clients Pages? (Or was it maybe an auto-redirect?)  If so, how does
anyone know weather a certain Page is just using a link exchange program
between 2 parties who swapped links? Or how about a malicious user who does
not want a Certain site to be showing up for certain Keywords, ? Then all
they do is put up one of these kind of things, and cause trouble for that
other site? Looks like Google is gonna be messed up for a while. My Sites
still not back in the Index like it was either. Although its improved a
little and I can find more pages that were there a few weeks ago.

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Re: Traffic Power article

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 15:57:48 -0400, "techforce"

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There were some links shared to a couple of the client's sites [in
other forums] so people could see the method put into place by Traffic
Power's side.

They created doorway pages that when you moved your mouse over that
"search engine entry page" it would redirect to the person's main

On the person's main page was 2 or 3 hidden links that helped lead to
those doorway pages. There was also a "link farm" page [for the lack
of better term - although Traffic Power termed it being a Friend's Of
page] where the client's site shared links to all the other traffic
power client sites [of all flavors]. One hidden link lead to a "search
engine entry page" while the others rotated on which site would be
linked there [rotated via a cgi script slipped in by Traffic Power -
that shared links from a side site of Traffic Power].

 If so, how does
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The doorway pages were identical in set-up and naming pattern. Content
was like the pages where one reads "At you will find
the greatest [commercial keyword] bargains in [location] ..." then on
another page, within the same site, the [commercial keyword] and
[location] is changed but all the other wording remains the same.

_All_ the clients' sites were linked together. Another tell-tale sign
[which is still present on new client's sites - even though Traffic
Power's new PR statements don't mention SEO or such] is an unusual
sharing of a META robots tag.

Or how about a malicious user who does
Quoted text here. Click to load it

All the Traffic Power's methods were HOSTED ON the client's site space
and/or within the client's main site pages. You kind of had to agree
to grant them this kind of editing and access status. If you didn't,
then they would send you the content to upload, I guess. Most seemed
to agree to allow Traffic Power 'to do their thing'.  So Traffic
Power's clients couldn't claim a "malicious competitor" did it to

Traffic Power has apparently dropped SEO and now gone on site design
and "traffic boosting" thoughts. Of course the example they shared in
their new PR statement of their site design skills is ... well ... erm
... 'interesting'.  


Re:Traffic Power article

Another "unhappy" Traffic Power customer:

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