Traffic Moving From Google to Yahoo?

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Maybe this has been covered but; are people's weblogs showing that traffic
is 'moving' from Google to Yahoo?

I can't put hard-numbers on it yet, but it seems my Google search and
adwords findings are off just a bit, while my visits from Yahoo and
Overture-PPC are both up by a more than that.

Somebody said Yahoo accounted for 24% of Google's traffic - I don't see a
move quite that big but its far from zero.

Side Issue; With Brandy my primary search term went from the 15-20 range up
to 9 on Google, which is better than pre-Florida. On Yahoo, the same term
has started off at 5. Right now I feel like this is a win-win situation.

Anyhow - Is any one else seeing real results indicating a switch from Google
to Yahoo?

Bob Kochem
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Re: Traffic Moving From Google to Yahoo?

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Yes, I can't tell you what I use as it is a nasty little tool. But in the
last two days Yahoo bots and Overture have crawled many times and from a
slumbering 2% or so Yahoo has suddenly shot up to 7% and a bit. The Robot is
one I've never seen before - and just now a sale.
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Re: Traffic Moving From Google to Yahoo?

Bob Kochem wrote:
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This whole thing really caught my interest now. If I'm right about this
I'll bet anything that people's logs won't show hardly any difference
now that yahoo dumped google. Even when they totally divorce themselves
of google results (they haven't yet) I'll bet the logs show very little
change and that will proove beyond a shadow of a doubt what I've been
saying all along that the log files are totally inaccurate and that AOL
Search, not google, is the number one used search engine! Vindication
about this finally on the way!!! Thank you Yahoo for making this

Re: Traffic Moving From Google to Yahoo?

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Logs show the actual referrer page, not the engine running behind it.

Anyway, it's problematic trying to gauge users' search engine usage
via your own site's logs. If nothing else changes you could spot the
subgroup that are your potential customers shifting from one engine to
another, but between Google dancing & Yahoo switching engines any user
shifting is lost in the much greater noise of serp shifting.

Adwords are also subject to changes in the quantity & budgets of
competing advertisers, which, given Adwords' real time hands-on
management, can happen at any time.

In short: there's too many changing factors affecting the bottom line
to attribute bottom line changes to any particular factor change.

It's like trying to tell which tire is losing air by calculating your
gas mileage.

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