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I had found a company called Traffic Logic.  I'm wondering if anyone has
heard anything good or bad about them?

It appears they build you a website with all your keywords and content
to rank well in the search engines, then they include a linke "buy now"
that then takes the potential customer directly to your site to make the

I have seen examples of their work and at least on the surface seems
nice and their costs are reasonable.

Just wanted to see if anyone here had experience with Traffic Logic.


Great Service & Company

Why not call their clients and see what they say!
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Re:Traffic Logic?

I use Trafficlogic for one of my financial sites i run on the sid
(not my main fishing site). They're model is different than othe
SEM's (i use about 5 different ones). They dont optimize your site
they build custom content and you sponsor it. They're associated wit and they put the content there - a prett
interesting concept. I looked into it and found that all they'r
really doing is writing content, but they seem to do it on a larg
I get pretty good results from them. My overall traffic volume i
lower than with some of the other SEMs i use, but their conversio
rate is actually the highest so im happy with what i do get
- When the traffic does finally kick in, it flows pretty good an
converts better than averag
- i pay them only for sales, rather than for clis
- Seems like they're a real company - when i call i get a real perso
on the phone who knows whats going o
- You have to pre-purchase a large amount of traffic up front (i thin
the minimum is $1,500)
- You have to wait a long time for the traffic to kick in (it take
awhile for the content to rank in the organic search results
If you can afford to wait, id say go for it since in the long run th
traffic is cheaper and converts better. If not, stick with Overture o
Google Adwords.  :
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Re:Traffic Logic?

Hey guys

I just signed up w/ Article Insider / Traffic Logic.  I'm going alon

w/ them because our keywords aren't too competitive as of yet an
because it's a novel concept, BUT BEWARE OF THIS

They tell you that they will get you traffic AND have backlinks t

your site (up to 40).  Which is why we signed up.  However, the link
from their articles DO NOT DIRECTLY LINK to your website, but they ar
redirected, so you will receive NO LINKBACK BENEFIT

I told them about this and they finally admitted after checking w

their senior tech guy that the linkbacks bolster their own site bu
not mine.  So they took an existing "additional resources" page an
added my URL to it to partially satisfy my desire for linkbacks.
However, to go from 40 to 1 linkback is not the PR benefit I wa
wanting so..

If you're looking for an alternative to Adwords or Overture, check ou

Article Insider / Traffic Power, but if you're looking for the doubl
whammy of additional traffic AND linkbacks, then you're not gettin


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Re: Re:Traffic Logic?

Todd_UNT wrote in

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Would this be "Traffic Power" as in "Google bans Traffic Power and its

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Re:Traffic Logic?

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These guys call me every six months or so and have yet to convinvce me they
can do any better than I can do on my own.

In fact, quite the opposite happened; They offered to sell me a
"pre-existing site" with high Google ranking. But when the salesman and I
went online we found that for several keywords in my buiness (that he
suggested) my existing site ranked in the top 5 on Google while his wasn't
even in the top 40.

I asked him "why should I pay $1500 for a site that gtets far worse rankings
then I presently get" and he wouldn't answer me.

The 'pre-existing site' was available because the previous owner/client had
gone out of business - which made me think Traffic Logic hadn't done much to
help that business.

I could only recommend Traffic Logic to someone who is very new to, or
unskilled at, emarketing, and who doesn't mind spending $1500 or whatever
(which strikes me as an unlikely combination.)

Bob Kochem
| MinuteMan Systems - Project Management Software |
| |
| PO Box 152, Belmont, MA 02478 USA (617)489-5639 |

Re: Re:Traffic Logic?

Thanks for the feedback.  One of their saleswomen -er sales person has been
calling me every week.  They have 0 pr and she said amazon had 0 pr too.
Like comparing apples to hand grenades.  I am not sure  if google hasnt
figured them out-- but its not if, but when.


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Re: Traffic Logic?

On Sat, 28 Aug 2004 14:55:18 GMT, (Todd_UNT) wrote:

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Just out of curiousity: Is this the same Traffic Power folks, I think
they were based in Las Vegas area, that had a lot of clients' sites
get banned [not penalized] from Google and Yahoo a couple or so months
back? Or a different company that happens to use the phrase "Traffic
Power" ...


I'm going along
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Re:Traffic Logic?

For what its worth, traffic has recently spiked from our Trafficlogic
campaign. I think this is due to their new articleinsider format.

As for backlinks, i've talked to them pretty extensively and they've
never mentioned anything to me about backlinks. I called them and
asked them about this and they told me that they use tracking URLs so
they can track the traffic they send you and they dont worry about
whether or not it sends PR.

I guess traffic is what its all about in the end so im not going to
worry whether there's any PR benefit or not. We're getting over 400
hits per day now so i guess I cant complain.
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Re:Traffic Logic?

Interesting. I've never had any problem with Traffic Logic. They ar
now part of so they look like they're part o
a much bigger corporation

Traffic Power is a totally different company. They were a total sca

and now are being sued. Traffic Logic seems to be the real deal an
ive heard others i know that have gotten strong results like i did

just my 2 cent

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Re: Traffic Logic?


Our site is listed with trafficlogic on a
pay-per-action basis. It cost about $1,500 up front to get this going.
What they did was create a bunch of Keyword laden "articles," with
little if no substance. We've been up one month in an admittedly tough
environment (which is why we hired them in the first place) with just
one lone sale.

The articles, as stated, are little more than very light generic
information with little benefit for the reader. They are written to
merely get your "link" up in the google search. This can be good or
bad depending how you see it. Our site's long-term (2 year) conversion
rate is at about 1.75 - 2%. Normal by direct marketing standards. But
with the hits we are getting from the Trafficlogic articles it
plummets all the way down to .06%. We would attribute this to the fact
that a person searching for say, handicapping systems, would want to
read an article with a modicom of empathy for the person wanting
information. In other words, show "some" knowledge. But the articles
mearly say that to handicap horses it's good to have a handicapping
system (how they made an entire article of that I don't know.) So, a
consumer reads that and says...."next" because it shows a very novice
understanding for the searcher.

I was very concerned about this but my account executive, who I rarely
if ever hear from, assured me this was they "way they do it." (and i
did get twice a week calls from them before we signed up...) Well lo
and behold, the facts are coming to bear that people are not
responding. Now they cannot blame our site as we have loads of sales
(thank goodness) from our own efforts, but a scant 1 in one month from
trafficlogic efforts.

So I'd conclude by saying, it depends what you want. If it's simply
traffic and link exposure, then I suppose they are a very good venue.
But if it's cost-per-action and bottom line sales...I'd think twice if
at all about it. AS a business, we have to consider it an expensive
lesson learned. This is NOT meant as a knock to their business, we're
just telling it like it really is at the present time. If things pick
up (we hope!) we will be sure to come back and say so...but for now,
on a scale of 1 - 10, we'd give it a 1...2 tops.

John Chiappetta
Director, Marketing Initiatives
Cynergy Concepts, Inc. (mike_arnoff) wrote in message
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Re: Traffic Logic?

On 28 Sep 2004 06:50:39 -0700, (Charles) wrote:

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You should have written it yourself. Why didn't you? It may well be in
fairness to traffic Logic that their principle is sound in that it
makes sense to put up doorway pages on well-researched and relevant
keywords. But, they ain't got the nous to do the content. Are the
pages housed on your servers or theirs? If you have access, redo them,
I would.


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Re: Traffic Logic?

check this out about traffic POWER and I have been called numerous time by
the other traffic guys.  I company had 0 pr which tells alot


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Re: Traffic Logic?

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:04:28 GMT, "Articus"

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Traffic Logic not Traffic Power.


Re: Traffic Logic?

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From the way the OP described Traffic Logic they do the same things as
Traffic Power.

Re: Traffic Logic?

Yes Traffic Logic does the same thing as Traffic Power, but they have
not been banned by Google... yet.

Traffic Logic goes through Google and Overture listings looking for
those that are paying well for listings and then they spam them... but
initially as another company.

For example, you might get a spam from someone at this place

If you reply to the spam, you will get another one from someone
completely different with an email address that might be one of Traffic
Logic's companies like infosearchmedia.comm and they will tell you they
are Traffic Logic or work with Traffic Logic and that they create
"Informational Resource sites that are built to be industry, product or
service specific." This is code for "We build doorway sites and then
sell clicks on them."

They will give you example websites of their work, but they give you
links that say one thing, like and this
will redirect to

All of the websites are the real Traffic Logic
Doorway sites. (They may have others that I am not aware of yet.) They
are constructed to rank high on the search engines, but visually look
like a doorway site. I would never want my website on it, because it
would make me look like a search engine spammer.

They claim and do things that are exactly what Google themselves warn
people about here:

For example:

"While Google does not have relationships with any SEOs and does not
offer recommendations, we do have a few tips that may help you
distinguish between an SEO that will improve your site and one that will
only improve your chances of being dropped from search engine results

(The President of Traffic Logic specifically stated in an email to me
that they have a special relation ship with Google and other search
engines and their is no danger that clients websites could be banned for
being on their website. This is funny since Google specifically states
they have no relationships with SEOs.)

"Be wary of SEO firms that send you email out of the blue."

(Seeing that they they are spammers, they are obviously not an ethical,
legitimate company.)

There are a few warning signs you may be dealing with a rogue SEO. It's
far from a comprehensive list, so if you have any doubts, you should
trust your instincts. By all means, feel free to walk away if the SEO:

"owns shadow domains"

(Tecnically their websites are not shadow domains, but they use a
JavaScript trick so if you hover over a link it shows one URL and takes
you to another one if you click on it. This is as deceptive as a shadow
domain in my opinion.)

"puts links to their other clients on doorway pages"

(They put up doorway sites with links to many client throughout the site.)


If you want to take the risk that your URL will get dropped for being on
  their site, I hope you can afford it. :)


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Re:Traffic Logic?

rubb3r - i dont want to sounds like im defending Traffic Logic, but
do use them and know a few other people that use them and we've ha
positive results

After reading this thread, i made a point to research this even mor

and even asked some people i know and respect about what they thin
about it

The bottom line is that they just write content. Some say this conten

is not good, but i guess thats subjective. I think it's misleading t
say they do the same thing as Traffic Power. I had friends that wer
burned by Traffic Power (thank God i resisted and never signed up)
Traffic Power used a mouseover technique that was the equivalent o

Traffic Logic has hundreds of writers who are authorities in thei

topic and they write articles about different topics (very similar t They actually write content so its not doorway pages.

From everyone i talk to, this is the real difference. Google and th

search engines care about the quality of content and whether or no
its valuable to their index. While i agree that some content of their
is better than others, some of the stuff on i
actually pretty good... better than in my opinion

Also, i asked them about the domain you mention abov - apparently, they use to build out separat
niche websites, but recently, they stopped doing that and jus
redirected all their content to They told me tha
they will soon be killing those old domains once Yahoo fixes their 30
redirect problem. I confirmed that the search engine do accept the 30
redirect as the appropriate method for changing the location of you
site or content

Infosearchmedia seems to be a legitimate company. They are the mai

sponsors of the WebmasterWorld conference and are always Premie
sponsors at the Search Engine Strategies conferences. If they wer
doing ANYTHING wrong, im sure the search engines would know about i
since they are huge

Again, i dont mean to sound like i am defending Traffic Logic

However, i do get good results from them and i wanted to make sur
that they were not a scam after reading all this about them. I
someone can prove to me that they are doing something wrong, i wil
definitely consider it, but i can tell you ive looked into this ver
carefully since my business is dramatically affected by it. I can
afford to pay Overture rates so Traffic Logic's lower rates ar
critical for me
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Re: Re:Traffic Logic?

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Legitimate websites that sell advertising don't spam people via email like
Traffic Logic does. It is obvious that they are in business to sell clicks
and not to provide a quality, informational website.

Comparing them to is ridiculous.

Traffic Logic is for people that have crappy looking websites and use
PayPal. :)

re: Traffic Logic?

Can someone tell me what the definition of "doorway sites" is? If
someone throws up a worthless page that tricks users and redirects
them somewhere else then I would consider that a doorway. But it
seems that rubb3r thinks that is a doorway site.
Why? It has tons of content and links out to a bunch of different
sites...isn't that what every website does? Even if the links are
what they are selling, isn't that the same as selling an ad on the
pages of Is a doorway? Maybe I'm confused here, but
it doesn't look like there is anything shady about this.

I don't know anything about Traffic Logic, but the techniques that
you're talking about - building out targeted content and selling ads
on it - seem perfectly legitimate to me. I run several sites that
host original content and sell links and ads (just like, and I don't consider them
doorway sites or spam at all.

Re: Traffic Logic?

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Ask Google

It is, otherwise they wouldn't be spamming people for to sell clicks.
Legitimate people that put up websites that are intentional created to
provide information don't need to spam people. It is obvious they are in
buisness to create doorway sites and sell clicks because they spam people
via email.

Quoted text here. Click to load it


CNN is a legitimate website that does not spam people to sell them clicks.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes you are confused.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So you are saying that you also spam people to get them to pay you to put
links on your websites like Traffic Logic does? :)

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