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I have this website that I parked at a domain parking service 8 months
ago and unparked it a few weeks ago. The site always did lousy in its
serp until I unparked it 3 weeks ago and now it's doing great out of
nowhere and with less backlinks. When going to Alexa search engine it
showed the site having a huge increase in traffic hits from about 300
before I parked it to now 38,000! Somehow being at that domain parking
service gave a huge amount of hits to the site the 8 months it was
there. My question is how can I now keep those hits up. Is there any
software or seo tecniques to increase traffic artificially like that
domainparking service had to be doing? Because I can tell you nobody
real was going to that site while it was at that service. They has to be
manipulating the hits and traffic. You want to know how pwerful it is?
This site now makes cache update when I makes changes on the site within
a few hours which is unheard of for a site that's only a PR3. 3 hour
cache updates take PR10 sites normally, not pr3 sites which can take
weeks to update. So now I know why people here always talk about
increasing their traffic. Tons of traffic has a PR10 effect without the
PR10. The question is how can I do this myself?

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