Traffic drop after change of domain

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I used to keep the camera information pages at my site,
with the addresses

with the main page linking to them. With this
setup these pages generated a lot of search engine hits.

I've now set up a new domain at and transferred the camera
resource pages to this new domain (the content is exactly the same). The
new addresses being /
......... /

The page with PR 6 is still linking to these
new pages and I placed redirect 301 statements into .htaccess of

redirect 301 /4040.html /
redirect 301 /5050.html /
redirect 301 /5060.html /
redirect 301 /8080.html /

For some unknown reasons after the change these camera resource pages
have dropped like a stone in Google. Before the change if you typed
"Olympus 5050" into Google the 5050 page would have come on top - now
it's not even in the top 100 results...

I'm still hoping this is just a temporary glitch. If not, what should I
do ? Don't the redirects pass the page rank of the incoming links to the
linked pages (as I assumed) ?

And what kind of search engine is Google if it penalises domain changes
that way - Google should deliver the right content, regardless of "link

To make an example if you type "olympus 5050 8080 noise test" into
Google, the top result is this one

which doesn't have a comparative test of image noise between these two
cameras, while this page, which does have such a test /

only ranks Nr 9.

Alfred Molon
------------------------------ /
Olympus 5060 resource - /
Olympus 8080 resource - /

Re: Traffic drop after change of domain

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004 23:59:01 +0200, Alfred Molon


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How long ago did you make this change?

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It could be that it is just a temporary glitch or temporary set-back -
related to the domain name change and everything sifting back into
place. Also don't forget about the sandbox theory that applies to new
sites that is said to roam Google-land - content may be the same or
old, but the domain name isn't so is regarded as being a new site.

If not, what should I
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When I did URL changes within my site - it took Google around 3 to 4
weeks to catch all those changes. As far as I can tell, most - if not
all - the PR was passed along the new page names.

Yahoo has been said to ignore 301 redirects - claiming duplicate
content thoughts as their reasoning as to why they do. I changed my
URLs back in mid-June and Yahoo still doesn't reflect any of those
name changes.

According to rumor - and I am going to stress the word 'rumor' -
Google is considering handling 301 redirects a bit differently also. I
didn't hear whispers of them ignoring them, like Yahoo does, but there
is talk that Google may/is handling 301s a bit differently recently
than they did 3 to 4 months ago. I haven't done any 301 redirects
recently to gauge this info/whispering personally though - so right
now I am just eavesdropping in on the grapevine so to speak.

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If Google did change how they handle 301 redirects - then it is due to
people in the past abusing that somehow and Google felt they needed to
do something on their side to curb those antics. However whenever a
place has to cut back on abusers then some innocents risk toeing the
line just enough to raise warning flags their way.

Google is more than happy to index people's pages. They just don't
like certain antics people try to do through those pages ... and if
they sat back and said "well, we should just deliver what the person
claims we should ..." then the search engine would become useless to
people as a search facility. So some lines have to be drawn somewhere.

Now I am not saying you crossed any lines or did anything wrong - just
saying that sometimes the search engine is not where the finger needs
to pointed at but sometimes those who try to wheel-n-deal-n-trick
their way to the top on search engines. I don't deny part of SEO is
about manipulation but I do feel there are limits all the same on how
that manipulation is handled - in favor of the site and the SE both.

But I am straying way off the topic of your posting.


Re: Traffic drop after change of domain says...
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September 26th

I still hope it's just a temporary glitch. But actually Google already
spidered the pages at the new location.


Alfred Molon
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Olympus 5060 resource - /
Olympus 8080 resource - /

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