Tracking adsense clicks ?

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Hey people

Any great experiences and suggestions on tracking an adsense click to
analyze on conversion to adsense ?

I can searcg google and find som scripts, but need som experience :)


Re: Tracking adsense clicks ?

__/ [ ".:J:." ] on Sunday 30 April 2006 15:16 \__

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The best you can probably do is read AdSense data in Google's standard
service/UI. Otherwise, you can export the data from Google's service and
find some third-party application that produce richer stats, maybe even
something visual. Somehow, due to the conciseness of the data, I doubt you'd
be able to extract much information out of it.

Having said it all, _do_ have a look at the following: /

Example output for (highly recommended):

Additionally, you could possibly use JavaScript to wrap the AdSense function
and do whatever analysis pleases you. Whether it's worth your time or not --
that depends on the extent of your site. Based on experience of my own, as
well as others', you need _very_ high levels of traffic to make it all
affordable and worthwhile. The exceptions are highly optimised for revenue
or are fraudulent (e.g. asbestos auto-generated content).

Hope it helps,


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Re: Tracking adsense clicks ?

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Hey Roy

Thx, I took note of your last remark, about the worthwhile and the traffic.
I'm sure it's not worth it in regards to the hours spend and the pennies
earned, but perhaps just for the fun, to learn a bit more.

I'll think about the javascript part.


Re: Tracking adsense clicks ?

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Before doing that, if you care about keeping your AdSense account, I'd
suggest going over their terms-of-use with a magnifying glass.  I'm
pretty sure that I recall that you are not allowed to "modify" their
adsense code... whether "wrapping" would be considered "modifying" is
something I can't comment on, but it seems like something one should
check into before taking the leap.


Re: Tracking adsense clicks ?

__/ [ hug ] on Monday 01 May 2006 01:11 \__

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I never looked at the terms and conditions because, as I mentioned before, it
is a case of time being wasted for pennies. I thought about the issues with
code modification it when I wrote the previous message. Google are not too
stringent for the most part. You'd have to press your own ads for quite a
helluva time before having your AdSense account suspended (maybe this has
changed due to frauds and lawsuits [1]) and the worst they can do, other
than impose banishment, is penalise the Web site by modifying Google's index
(to fully exclude or lower the value by depleting from the backlinks

Best wishes,



        [ Google Condemned For Click-Fraud Settlement, April 28th, 2006 ]

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Re: Tracking adsense clicks ?

.:J:. wrote:

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I used something like that for awhile last year, but have gotten rid of it
really soon. On a busy site it can generate enough info to keep you busy
for days trying to make sense of all the data.
It all revolves around JavaScript that runs in addition to and not
modifying anything in the actual AdSense code.  
I have seen some posts on where AdSense Advisor pretty
much says "it's OK unless you're modifying the code":

I personally was never able to find out for sure if it's within TOS and
actually never had enough of a business case to keep looking, so I've
gotten rid of it.

Funny thing: I went to check on how those guys that provided the
JavaScript are doing these days (  and turns out the
site is down. I wonder why :-)

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