Topic-Sensitive PageRank

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For those who are interested, this may be a good insight into the way Google
may be going next.  The thing that sticks out for me is that you will have
to pay close attention to what is in your specific ODP category when
exchanging/buying links.

From WPW /

During the offline processing of the Web crawl, we generate 16
topic-sensitive PageRank vectors, each biased (as described in Section 2)
using URLs from a top-level category from the Open Directory Project (ODP)
[2]. At query time, we calculate the similarity of the query (and if
available, the query or user context) to each of these topics. Then instead
of using a single global ranking vector, we take the linear combination of
the topic-sensitive vectors, weighted using the similarities of the query
(and any available context) to the topics. By using a set of rank vectors,
we are able to determine more accurately which pages are truly the most
important with respect to a particular query or query-context. Because the
link-based computations are performed offline, during the preprocessing
stage, the query-time costs are not much greater than that of the ordinary
PageRank algorithm.

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