too many parameters in qString = not indexed ?

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Let me first say : Hi all!
I've been lurking the group for about 6 months and thought it was time
to venture my first post :-)

One thing I learned from the group a while back was that using "id=" in
your querystring will mean your pages won't get indexed by Google. We
switched "id=" with "art=" and made one of our clients very happy :-)

New client, new problem. Check out /
The site has hundreds of pages, but only 56 indexed. Investigation so
far has led me to believe that the number of parameters in the
querystring might be the problem. All the pages that are indexed have at
most two parameters, while the great bulk of pages on the site has three
or four.

I've noticed the same pattern on another site, .

Does anyone here have experience that may shed light on this problem, or
can you see any other reasons why the site is not fully indexed?



Re: too many parameters in qString = not indexed ?

Google seems to choke on more than 2 parameters in the URL, here is 1
possible work around:


Good luck,


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Re: too many parameters in qString = not indexed ?

Hi Bob,

You need to also watch out for characters like ?, %, ~, *, @,`, etc.
A lot of search engine spiders drop the page when they see these
characters in the URL.  It is hard to say which search engines accept
which characters because it is a very fluid process.  Just thought I
would let you know.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

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Re: too many parameters in qString = not indexed ?

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Taken from

"If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a '?'
character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic
pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the
number of them small. "

Re: too many parameters in qString = not indexed ?

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You're right about the "id" thing, it worked for me too!

You also guessed right about the query string.  The problem you have now is
the amount of parameters, Google only seems to like up to 2, and even then
any pages with 2 parameters in the querystring took longer than the rest of
the site to get indexed.

On Apache servers (or similar) there is a function called mod_rewrite which
can be used to get round this problem.

Another solution is to use custom delimiters for example : use ASP to look
out for "x4d" and put this in your links instead of your parameter filled


Then use a quick include script at the top of your pages to split the
querystring at "x4d", replace with a "," then write out the attributes to
your original variable names

$array=0x4d6x4d8    turns to   $array=(0,6,8)   then loop through to get
each bit one by one so

Land = array[0]       (this would be the first in the list -  0)
M = array[1]           (this would be the second in the list -  6)
S1 = array[2]          (this would be the third in the list -  8)

just make sure your parameters are always in the same order!!!

Or use something like:

where "x4c" is an "=" and "x4d" is an "&".  Split them up using whatever
function your preferred scripting language uses and away you go... You could
also use a combination of the two techniques.

This isn't a programming tutorial, but this method will work with all web

Hope this puts you on the right track!

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