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Hey Mark. I hope you don't mind elaborting on your comment. You made a
statment on one Post regarding Sams quick ranking for a blog in google
as follows:

 "Of course you could. All you need to do is spam the blogs with your
 and bingo. That's all sam did and it has no difference in my opinion
 the target page is a blog or a static page or whatever."

Would you mind explaing what you mean by spam the blogs. I know what
spamming is (I think) but when I try to think through exactly what
steps you are talking about, I don't see how you would acheive quick
results in this manner.

In my mind, if I created a Blog, then spammed guest books, forums, etc
with this address it would still take time for google to spider the
sites I used to spam my address with. Or is there another way that I'm
not seeing.

Thanks for your remarks and insight

Re: To SEO Mark - Spamming

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yeah that's it!!
It DID take time for google to spider the blogs that were spammed.... about
2 or 3 days.

Re: To SEO Mark - Spamming

CA wrote:
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You have it back to front.  Blog spamming is filling other peoples blogs (in
the comments/reply section) with links to your sites.

This is/was a useful technique as SE spiders are very fond of frequently
updated pages and so come back to blogs more frequently than to other (more
static) pages.

William Tasso -

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