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Please excuse me folks while I have a strange interlude:

Dave if you're out there and reading the thread 'Sam, can you please
check this' you must be laughing your head off at the replies and what
everyone there is saying about it. But then again that was the one thing
you were really great at and knew about. I was about as dumb about it as
they all were back then until you convinced me. It's what made me too
and I could never understand why you didn't take advantage of your own
knowledge for your own sites? Did you inherit a million dollars and no
longer need to work? That would explain it.

Re: To: SEO Dave

On Wed, 19 May 2004 20:57:29 +0000,  wrote:

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Why don't you take this to e-mail?

Dave's new e-mail address is

I'm sure he will enjoy hearing from you.


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Sam knows about Dave's presidential abilities
2003 Dec 6th, we had this conversation:

Sam:  "You missed your true calling in politics."

Dave: "President Dave, sounds good. Can you be the US president if you live  in
the UK :-))"

Sam: "Dam I wish you could. I'd vote for you. Anybody but bush."

/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: To: SEO Dave

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Yes it is quite amusing.

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Because I know how that type of linking affects a site long term.


Re: To: SEO Dave wrote:
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While I agree with you I'm not in a position financially to just drop
all my sites and spend all of my time persuing a better safer more full
proof of doing it. I am working on a new better way of doing it though
but can't spend much time on it so it will take me months until I am
able to switch over to it and it's strong enough to power all my main
important sites. I like the new way you're doing yours by the way. How
much longer till they're ready to power your main sites?

This may interest you a little bit; I found this pr7 site: and found only one backlink that has a
pr7 that it's listed at. They are either paying the pr7, or they also
own the pr7. But what's real interesting is their use of about 100 free
geocities sites. The geo sites are all pretty much pr4's and pr5's and
don't seem to have any backlinks other than being link farmed to each
other. There doesn't seem to be a source backlink for them although I'm
sure there has to be one there hidden very well. This brings to mind the
idea that if you have one single pr6 site let's say and then you get 100
geo sites, link all 100 of them at the pr6 site and have all 100 geo's
linking to each other could you turn those 100 geo's into pr4 or even
pr5's just linking off one single pr6 main source site? If so it could
be a much better way to do anchor text links at 100 geo sites rather
than posting to guestbooks and message boards. You wouldn't have to
share the links with anyone else so you'd get the full pr pretty much
and 4 links from one pr4 is a lot better than sharing a message board
that is a pr6 that might have 200 links on it plus the site wouldn't get
deleted by the owner who gets pissed off over everyone spamming his
site. Now of course geo sites are not good ones to use for this purpose
because of their Tos rules but I know of a number of free hosted sites
that have liberal Tos rules and don't mind someone having links to adult
sites at one of their sites or even using them for adult purposes. Check
out that site: and see what you think of
his methods. I'd be curious what you'd think of it.

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