Titles - Hyphens And Semi-Repititions?

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I was just reminded of an issue with the page title tag.

Let's say I'm making a page about widgets manufactured and sold
in a country called The Republic Of Elbonia.

A possible title tag:

Elbonia Widget Manufacturer - Elbonian Widgets - Widgets
In Elbonia - Widget Stores

Does that look bad?  Note the use of "ElboniaN" (adjective) in
addition to the plain country name.  And both the singular and
plural of "widget(s)"

It's like, if someone searches for "elbonia widget"  s/he might
also try "widgets from elbonia" and so forth.  Maybe the surfer
is in Elbonia, looking for widgets.  Or is foreign, looking to
tour a widget factory on their upcoming visit to Elbonia.

How do the hyphens effect things?  Good, I hope?  And is this too
much repetition?  I think that this is a decent length for total
characters, although I wouldn't go over that(?)

The rest of the page would be totally legit, with relevant text
and links.

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Re: Titles - Hyphens And Semi-Repititions?

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 21:12:31 -0800, Usenet2007@THE-DOMAIN-IN.SIG

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Why not look it up, find which is the prevalent phrase searched for
and put that in the title tag?

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That's ok.

I think so.

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I should hope so!



Re: Titles - Hyphens And Semi-Repititions?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Usenet2007@THE-DOMAIN-IN.SIG

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Think about how you yourself search for things, and what results you are
likely to click on.  If the title makes sense out of context, it is
probably something you might click on.

Elbonia store manufactures widgets.

<title>Elbonia store manufactures widgets.</title>
<meta type="description" content="Elbonia store manufactures widgets.
Wholesale and retail to the public, in beautiful Elbonia">
<p>Ewidgets founded in 2007 is located in lovely Elbonia. Come to our
store and try our widgets.  There is a widget right for you!</p>
<p>Ewidgets manufacutures its widgets and stores them in the warehouse.  
You can purchase widgets either at our retail store, or wholesale,
direct from the warehouse.</p>

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