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Re: Titles

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Something else. Ideally main phrase for the page and if needed
qualifying words for visitors so they will click on your link when
they see it during a Google search.

So if you sold Wholesale Widgets, but only to the UK a title like-

Wholesale Widgets UK

Would be a good compromise. If you add the company name to every title
it might make it easier for returning visitors to find your link, but
it won't help with the main SERP of the page. So generally I'd advise
against adding a company name to the title.

That said there are times you adapt. I want visitors to bookmark pages
of a book at www.classic-literature.co.uk/ etc... so they can come
back later to read the next page. So have the format-

Author Name - Book Title Page Number

This means I might have 400 pages with the only difference between the
title is the number! This isn't good for SEO, but in this case
visitors come first.

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