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My site is around 50 pages long and each page has the same title.  The
reason I did this is I read the title tag is very important, so I wanted to
include my best keywords in the title.  Is this smart or correct?  Should I
give each page a different title based on that page's content?

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A page doesn't rank higher because there are 49 other pages in its
neighbourhood with the same title.

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Re: Title Tag

TT wrote:
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Possibly, but unlikely

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That method is most useful to your visitors and produces better results with
google et al.

William Tasso - http://WilliamTasso.com

Re: Title Tag

Thanks!  I added a search engine to my site and every hit came back with the
same title (obviously).  That got me thinking about this.  I'll be changing
the title tags this weekend!

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good move

Re: Title Tag

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FWIW, my website originally was like that (though with fewer pages). I
worked to optimize my site around one major keyword/phrase and was doing
pretty well (though a bit less so with this Florida bump.) I was not getting
very far though with my second-tier keywords. Then, I added a short single
page for each of two of those keywords having the keyword as the title. Each
page was a short tutorial on the meaning and use of that particular keyword.
In about a month both those pages were in the top 10 on Google. Today
they're at #1 and #5. I think it helped that the my main page has been
around a while, has PR5, is in DMOZ, and more to the point the googlebot
seems to hit it every other day or so.

I plan to add similar pages for a couple other keywords.

For an expample do a search on "pert chart software".

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