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Re: Title attribute - any SEO value

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Don't know, but would assume for the page it's on text is considered
more important since you see it with no effort. To see ALT text you
have to hover over the image. Since Google bases most of it's on page
stuff on what the visitor sees it's reasonable to assume if it's
easier to see Google considers it more important.

I have no evidence this is the case, but it makes sense.

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Alt text is only indexed when it's part of the link, so the above
(which would be spamming) doesn't work.

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Re: Title attribute - any SEO value

SEO Dave wrote:
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I was assuming that the list was a series of links, as in the examples
towards the bpttom of
http://www.alistapart.com/stories/taminglists /

And, if the bullet were the widget site's logo, alt="widget logo" might be
clumsy but legitimate.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Title attribute - any SEO value

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Yes, I was talking about a list of links, and also making the dot a link
like this,

<a href="link to product1"><img src="dot.jpg" alt= "link to product 1"</a>
<a href="link to product1">link to product1</a>

As  you say, a little clumsy, but it is a legitimate way of getting another
keyword in the alt attribute,
As Dave pointed out it may be seen as spam, but worth playing around
with on an experimental site.

Re: Title attribute - any SEO value

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My opinon is that words in the title attribute have no beneficial effect, in
fact I have observed the opposite: the increase in file size dilutes the
effect of the visible words.

I have also verified that acronym and abbreviation attributes have the same
negative effect.

It is shame since these attributes are really nice for the reader, in
expanding on difficult to understand topics in the text and providing
pleasant hover pop-up windows giving explanations - like active footnotes
and references.

Readers new to this "title" business, please note that I am NOT referring to
the <title> line  in the html header, which is very important.

Best regards, Eric

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