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Hey All,

on www.hairtransplantnetwork.com I have noticed that the majority of people
only stay on the page for a few seconds before leaving.  Is this typical for
websites, or should we consider changing our copy?

What do you suggest?  or am I just worried over something that is a common

Re: Time spent on a homepage

Do the people leave the site completely or just go to a different page on
your site?
I found your homepage quite welcoming and I wasn't quickly trying to leave.

If I was a natrual visitor I'd probably have gone straight to the before and
after page in a small materr of seconds

Re: Time spent on a homepage

Whyismyhairgone wrote:
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Have you looked through your site logs to see what search phrases were used?
It is possible that your site is showing up in results for odd-ball searches
and the visitor is backing out once they realise you do not have what
they're looking for.

William Tasso - http://WilliamTasso.com

Re: Time spent on a homepage

Hey All thanks for the help.  They are not coming in on oddball terms at all
really, mostly hair transplant and related terms.

It seems that I have overreacted as most of you feel it is the industry norm
for people to back out quickly.

Hopefully on our newer sites we will be able to keep them around a little bit

Re: Time spent on a homepage

Yes, this is very typical. Pages on the web are just not read the way a
newspaper is read.

I'd deal with it like this: what is it you most want your visitors to do?
Make the link to that page very prominent on the front page.

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Re: Time spent on a homepage

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I'm wondering if this short period on the homepage isn't actually a good sign.
I mean, how long does it take someone to find and click on the navigation
element they want? Probably less than 20 seconds.

There is a little more text on that front page than I would be comfortable
with, but not by much. If people are interested, they will want to dig deeper
and will expect to read more in the internal pages, not further down the index

Alice Woolley
http://www.insidethebubble.co.uk /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: Time spent on a homepage

whyismyhairgone@aol.com says...
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Leaving the site or the homepage?  The 'Hair Transplant Network - #1
site for advice and top surgeons.' should be bolder - it says what your
site is about & why people should stay: pale brown on pale brown is
perhaps suboptimal. I'd make it quite a bit bigger & bolder. Maybe say
'good advice'?

It's a bit messy & hard to take in. I'd be tempted to lose the two rhs
columns - have one column with 'float: right'-type 'bullets' for the
testimonials etc, perhaps.  Remember that people don't read a page -
they scan it. See:


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