Time and frequency aspects in SEO.

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Hi all,

Are the older websites always higher in SERP then new ones ? (I mean,
If the website was created 7 years ago)
..and form the other site are the new websites (after first)
underrated by Google ?

How the frequency of updates influence place in SERP ? Or simply
saying when the updates can help in SEO?


Re: Time and frequency aspects in SEO.

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The search engine rewards web sites "authenticity points", over time,
that is clear, provided that the web site maintains a consistent,
natural growth pattern in terms of updated and fresh additional,
supportive content. Updates must be performed for the Internet visitor
primarily and not for the search engines exclusively.

The main ingredient for improved rankings is crafting quality content
over time. Over time a web site should develop naturally. Any sudden
upheavals in intensity of content crafting could prove hazardous.

A good rule of thumb that generally pleases the search engine is to
focus on offering the Internet visitor a quality web experience. What
is best for the visitor is best for the search engine, however ironic
or disputable that may seem.




Re: Time and frequency aspects in SEO.


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Re: Time and frequency aspects in SEO.

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So if are underrated how long is the period ? A month or two , or just
number or visits of googlebot which give google more trust about site?

Re: Time and frequency aspects in SEO.

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I think it is more complex than that.

As the spider gets into the habit of visiting the web site and finding
fresh content to devour it should increase the frequency of crawls
accordingly. If the bot keeps finding the same old stale stuff, it
loses interest over time and diminishes its frequency of appearing.
Theoretically, this is how it works.

It likes consistency. If a web site updates content weekly and adds,
let's say, three web pages a week, the spider should eventually find
itself in a cycle that is in balance with the web site's evolution.
Now, of course this doesn't happen in real life like it should, but it
does seem to be getting better, in general.

Another thing to consider, frequency of crawl doesn't neccessarily
mean better status for web pages. Better status is attained by its
calculation of the content's importance as determined by many factors
both internal and external from the web pages. Mind you, the actual
content of a web page is by far the most important factor, despite the
many varying points of view on this.

A little more about trust; I divide trust into two distinct segments:
authenticity and credibility. Authenticity is the degree of uniqueness
of the content and credibility refers to the consistency of
maintaining and improving authenticity. Authenticity can be determined
rather quickly by comparing the content with all the rest of the
Internet's content whereas credibility is earned over a much longer
period of time.

Finally, credibility is volatile and can be easily lost with a bad web
design move, which I frequently do, whereas when authenticity is
earned, it can practically never be lost ( unless the authentic
content is removed of course ). In other words, when I do something
stupid to try to push my web site promotion agendas a little too hard
and lose credibility, the authenticity of the content alone gives my
web pages a much better chance to redeem themselves because of the
nature and uniqueness of the carefully crafted content.

When a web site has web pages that consistently over time attain high
degrees of credibility and repeatedly offer the search engine robot
uniquely crafted, authentic content, it becomes qualified to be
considered authoritative. That's another story altogether ...

top of the day to you


Fred http://www.rezultz-web-site-promotion.com /

Re: Time and frequency aspects in SEO.

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I make a small change in my sites every 2 or 3 days. This gets me
crawled more often. I do it mainly for the visitors though.


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