This is getting Impossible to handle

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After weeks of agjusting our website we get back to
position 8 , we used to be 2 or 3 and have been anywhere
from 20 to 240 or worse. How can we be up to 8 and then next day
drop again to 140?
This means that whatever I do I cannot trust my placement, I and so
many others
now are just working or MSN and others.  How can a page move from 8 to
140 just over the weekend? It seems that whatever we did Google liked
it, but today it doesn't. So it seems that everything has changed
'again'. SEO's please
tell us how if we adjust our site and then get back to a decent
position what happends
when it appears that obviously the criteria for position chnages yet
Needless to see the top 50 are back to being just the same as about 1
week ago.
We are getting lots more hits from MSN, Altavisa, Alltheweb etc.
Does this mean that whatever the requirement were last Friday have now
changed again by Monday? So do we all go back and play around with
sites again, it's all getting just too much to cope with.

Re: This is getting Impossible to handle

Dan wrote:

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I've decided to not lose any more sleep over Google.  They will either
remedy the situation or become a minor search engine as people find thay
are getting more relevant results from the others.

Dose anybody remember Infoseek?

Re: This is getting Impossible to handle

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"Powered by Google" :-/

René Pijlman

Wat wil jij leren?

Re: This is getting Impossible to handle

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You need to wait many weeks to see the effects of changes so don't make
changes too frequently and when you do always date the page so you can see
later what version Google has in its cache.   Note that the dates shown on
the SERPS do not always refer to the date when the page was fully analysed
and re-indexed.   The Googlebot may visit a page almost daily and update the
SERPS date also daily, but the page may only be re-analysed and re-indexed
once per month.

The worst mistake I made was to try adding padding words to a page (i.e. alt
text to all images, loads of acronym text and title= * text etc).  The added
text was not included as meaningful words in the page analysis but was added
as null character padding to the page length (I think), thus diluting all my
good visible text. Result was down about 100 places, for two months.

Also, it helps the learning process to change only some pages at a time.

(* please note this does NOT refer to the <title>, which is essential )

Best regards, Eric.

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