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from their newsletter,

We've said it before in our newsletter: ethical search engine
optimization is about everyone winning.

Search engines: They win as they are provided with pages that are easy
to understand and that contain the quality information that their
visitors search for.

No, they aren't necessarily. They may well be provided with a whole
site full of spam if all the other sites in that index, while entirely
free of spam, are aso relatively free of good content.
Now we here may well look at a site and, because we know where and how
to look, see a whole load of spam. The average punter likely won't, so
they'll be happy with the results.
To remove such a site from an engine's index weakens it in its quest
to be referred to more than the other engines. It's a great
misrepresentation of the circumstances to suggest that a site will be
penalised or banned just because it's got a load of spam in it.
In the absence of spam-free alternative sites full of relevant info on
the subject, an engine has no choice but to reward relevant sites with
high rankings, riddled with spam though they may be.


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