Theatre of Combat NEAR *you*

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ANTI-FREESPEECH LIBERAL Democrats are murdering Americans
simply because they are Americans! Take this Joran, & his
father Paulus, Van der Sloot, down there in Aruba;--Aruba,
in the wake of Natalee Holloway's abduction and murder, is
now being *aggressively* boycotted by the law-abiding tax-
paying conservative majority of registered voting citizens
of the United States of America. Congratulations Hollanders,
you've now joined the ranks of your wicked neighbor France:
American is AGGRESSIVELY boycotting you Netherlanders, too.

It's the Liberal Democrats of the *viciously* Anti-American
drug addicts from the Netherlands who HATE us so much, that
they'll MURDER Americans just because their government also
*HATES* us so much that they're giving their America-hating
murderous thugs a free pass! And THAT'S why they're sure to
give Van der Sloot & his America-hating scumbags a get-out-
of-jail free pass! Watch and see. Van der Sloot will skate...

They've even got their Anti-American Senator Richard Durbin,
the hatemongering left-wing liberal Illinois Democrat filth,
batting in their corner, accusing our blessed U.S. Military
of being *exactly* like, and I quote, "NAZIs, Soviet gulags,
...mad regime like Pol Pot or others"[end quote]. As anyone
can plainly see, these absolutely unforgivable TRAITORS have
earned their right to have their tumor-infested skulls caved
in at a bare minimum!  Indeed, it's high time that *We*, the
patriotic God-fearing majority of conservative family-values
Americans track these Anti-American ergo anti-democracy anti-
freedom & anti-freespeech vermin down and deliver our message
PERSONALLY! Yes, We're watching *EVERY* move they make, and
rest assured, they're going to PAY for every mistake they've
made--and they've made PLENTY of mistakes--ALL on the record.

These Anti-American anti-freespeech liberals--including their
foreign-national operatives who are trying so desperately to
"cancel" our FREE speech, even THEY are making deadly enemies
as we speak. They grossly, foolishly, ineptly, incompetently
underestimated the undiluted RETRIBUTION that We Republicans
are carefully and methodically orchestrating against each and
every one of them. Soon, very soon, they'll find out the HARD
way the ugly high price they must pay for their Anti-American
vitriol and desperate--and I do *gleefully* add UNSUCCESSFUL--
attempts to forestall their lethal, well-earned just desserts.

So Buy RED! Boycott BLUE! And *Trigger* the _NUCLEAR_ Option!
Daniel Joseph Min

Download Free Astro-Books by Daniel Joseph Min:
 http://.... <URLs censored by anti-freespeech liberal terrorists>;
search Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSN, et al RNC-supporting search engines
(NOTE: to date half of my mirrored websites are STILL up & running)
to wit, you can search for my free "Books by Daniel Joseph Min" on:

              etc. etc. etc.

And remember to *BOYCOTT* liberal DNC-supporting "Google" 24/7/365!


Re: Theatre of Combat NEAR *you*

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Don't forget those miserable fat Belgian bastards... and the damn
Lichtensteiner vermin...

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Re: Theatre of Combat NEAR *you*

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Yup, I was able to have some more removed this week :-). Maybe people can
help a bit here and there to clean up the last bits of garbage.

Next: canceling this idiot

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Re: Theatre of Combat NEAR *you*

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What a nut.

Look out......a terrorist!!!

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