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Can anyone let me know if a site in the Google Sandbox can have any of the

- A pagerank (ours is 3 on all top level pages, 2 and 1 elsewhere - it
reduced from 4 about a month ago)
- An index in Google (Google lists between 550 and 750 pages on most
datacentre's according to - there are three or four
datacentres on this site which have a -1 rank)
- Search results for VERY OBSCURE strings of words - for example, if I
search for the exact headline of one of our stories, we get a hit - but only
on very few of them.

The site is 7 months old.

Just I have been told, if any of the above is possible, then the Sandbox
DEFINITELY does not apply to our site...



Re: The sandbox


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I would rather say all of the above are EXACT sandbox symptoms. -1 at  
yourcache is an error signal, so it doesn't mean anything (in terms of  
number of pages indexed).

That's assuming sandbox exist ;)


Re: The sandbox

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 10:03:56 -0000, "Badass Scotsman"

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Oh hell, this is normal.

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Makes sense. This a different site, no?

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Not by me. Google wants convincing that what glitters is gold before
it will rank you high or display you prominently; it wants to
establish your provenance. Ye hen, laddie?

--       Gifty! Shiny! BB!  

Re: The sandbox

"Badass Scotsman" wrote ...
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All the above could occur in a 'sandbox' site, or a 'nonsandbox' site; I see
nothing there to worry about with a 7 month old site.

Slight variations between data centers have been happening to all sites, new
and old; 'sandbox' worries are usually when big swings occur, and when the
site can go from doing *really* well (say #1 - #10), then disappear

All new sites experience some dgree of instability; no-one knows where to
draw the line between that and 'sandbox'.

Either way, there's nothing that can be done, except keep building the site,
avoid major structural change, and don't go mad on link building (It Will
Bite Your Bum).


Andrew Heenan
Editor /
Directory of Quality Directories
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