The old 301 302 "A" record dance...

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I am reworking my setup for a bunch of domains that end up
at the same page - mostly alternate spellings such as: (main site)

The main goal is to keep future entrants into the lucrative
sub-$100 waterfowl market from registering the domains, with
a secondary purpose of catching mispellings.  You can see other
sites doing the same by going to /, or /.

As we all know, setting the A record in the DNS entry isn't
best for SEO, because Google would see
and as having identical content.  It is
also the pretty much established that having a 301 redirect
from to is best.  
Being as I am a confirmed Googlehacker, naturally I am
interested in what happens if I choose another option,
such as:

[1] Setting the A record in the DNS entry, but using .htaccess
to do a URL rewrite once there, so that
is rewritten as  I am already doing this
to add a www if it is missing.  What will the effect be?

[2] Using a 302 redirect.  I did a web search on this and it
appeared that some people were abusing 302s, and that Google
addressed the problem somehow, but details were scarce.  
What was the final result?  What are the current effects of
302 redirects?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Re: The old 301 302 "A" record dance...

Guy Macon < wrote:
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Can you show the code? I do it with a 301 redirect, but I guess an internal
redirect is possible as well.

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Re: The old 301 302 "A" record dance...

John Bokma wrote:

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I haven't actually tried it on a web page (like you I use 301 redirects
and am quite happy with them) but I believe you can send a 200 or any
other code.  I will do some experiments and get back to you with a
definitive answer.  Hmmm...I wonder what happens if you don't specify
any code?

So does anyone have an answer to my question about how the 302 hijacking
problem was addressed by Google?


Re: The old 301 302 "A" record dance...

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You get an internal redirect and hence there are n,  n > 1 sites with
exactly the same content.

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