The "Freebie" SEO Site-Augmentation Bookshop Package

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This thing is so odd I don't quite know what to think of it.

The "Freebie" SEO Site-Augmentation Bookshop Package

The purpose of this package is to allow web-site operators to help feed
the appetities of search engines, which like--among other things--lots of
reasonably relevant pages, and pages that change often. Feeding those
appetites will likely raise your placement on those search engines; no
guarantees, but it's the prevailing wisdom.

(You might want to look at this explanation of Page Rank, in which is
stated Fact: The maximum amount of PageRank in a site increases as the
number of pages in the site increases. . . . The more pages that a site
has, the more PageRank it has. (Emphasis added.)

This package, with just a few minutes' effort in customizing, can give
you close to ten thousand extra new pages for your site, all relevant and
all changing daily--and without even generating much over a couple of
dozen physical pages wanting disk storage. And they are honest pages with
real content: no "search-engine spam".

Those thousands of new pages are book pages. This package tacks an
Amazon-related bookshop onto your site. You select the keyword topic that
will relate the titles to be listed to your site, and the package does the
rest. (And, although it's not the primary driver here, you might even make
some money!)


Re: The "Freebie" SEO Site-Augmentation Bookshop Package

Sounds interesting, just a shame it won't work on windows.


Dan Pickard
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Re: The "Freebie" SEO Site-Augmentation Bookshop Package

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We tried something similar recently for windows from a guy in Australia.
Not sure regarding the true benefit to SEO because we were not able to fully
test it to see if Google treats it long term like an "authority" site or as
a "spam" site.  Creating tons of pages long term, will not help your cause
in my opinion because you are not providing anything of value.  If this is
done JUST to get better rankings, then some engines may play to it but
others with more advanced filters will not.  We tried doing two spam site
within the pat few months and got them ranked really well and then they got
bounced out of Google and Yahoo so we have seen the effects of filters

We are currently trying to determine EXACTLY what triggered Google to do

James - SEO, Web Development and Hosting -FREE SEO TOOLS

Re: The "Freebie" SEO Site-Augmentation Bookshop Package

It's something I would like to test, but its just getting that amount of
content to test it against.


Dan Pickard
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The author speaks.

I was pleased to discover the mention of this package here.  Let m
dispel any possible misunderstandings.  While the motive most wil
have for adding the package is SEO-augmentation of their site o
sites, the package itself is a 100% honest, credible, "white-hat
matter.  Sites from the largest and most prestigious down to persona
home pages sell linked Amazon books, and an Amazon bookshop i
scarcely any sort of "spam"--most especially in this instance, whe
the listed books are all relevant (by Amazon's response to searc
keywords of your choosing) to your site's theme.  The pages are real
the bookshop is real, and you might even make some side money off it
there is nothing "sham" about it in any way

If the package is used as intended, the books list is refreshe

nightly (which Amazon recommends), so the lists will change slightl
from day to day (but are date-stamped by the lister, so the pag
content is always new daily)

There are nearly three dozen physical, static pages; the thousands o

other pages are PHP dynamic pages mod_rewritten (is there such a word
 there is now) to static pages.  They are, of course, honest pages
simply displaying detail about a particular title from the lists an
allowing direct purchase of that title (there are two pages per title
the second also including Amazon's "reader reviews" i
full).  There is an effective upper limit to the numbe
of site pages you can add, that limit being set by Google's "not ove
101k in size" rule for files, but, by careful choice of searc
keywords, about 9,000 to 9,500 pages can be added (there is a detaile
discussion in the monumental package docfiles)

You can see a sample of the package in action on my site a You can make th
three dozen or so access pages exactly fit your site's look and fee
by hand-customizing only two to four pages (one of which is
"template" for 28 others)

I try to provide extensive support, by email and by telephone, an

have even actually done the install and customizing for some users

The requirements are Apache server software (to allow th

mod_rewrites) and PHP with either cgi-wrappers or "Safe mode" Of
(finding one or the other condition is the overwhelming norm)

I may soon make a variant that does not rely on mod_rewrites, for M

users who don't mind dynamic page links (and with only one parm bein


Eric Walker, webmaste
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Re: The author speaks.

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 00:22:00 +0000, owlcroft wrote:

I know Owlcroft from a web forum (DigitalPoint) and I didn't even know
this was his package until 8/14/2004.

Owlcroft, welcome to!  :)


Well, I went ahead and made it.

I have now created a variant package, Freebie-X, that does not rely on
redirects.  It can thus be used by anyone who cannot, or prefers not,
to use an .htaccess file for redirection.

It works as well as the original on Apache, but has yet to be tested
on an IIS server.  If anyone on IIS is interested in trying it, I
would be ecstatic to receive feedback.  Theoretically, PHP is PHP, but
it is known that  a number of PHP calls do not work, or work
differently, on IIS as compared to Apache, so I wait with bitten
fingernails for a beta tester or two.

You can find your way to it from the front page of the SEO Toys web

Eric Walker, webmaster
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Re: Well, I went ahead and made it.

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004 00:52:02 GMT, (owlcroft) wrote:

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A word of warning to anyone thinking of enhancing their homepage by
spamming the index with 9000 pages of auto-generated Amazon crap. The
bots just go mad for this stuff and between them will hit your site
20,000 times a day sending your bandwidth bill through the roof and
with any luck wasting so much CPU time you end up being kicked off
your server.


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