The Death of Google search and what the alternatives are

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out three years ago I remember having a conversation with a close
friend about Google and its dominance of the search engine market. I
said at the time that I believed that Google would be replaced within
5 years by another innovation. We still have two years for my
prediction to come about but I am starting to see the cracks already.

Google has created a 'link culture' where everybody wants to link
everything to everything with good reason or not. This has meant
Google have had to try harder and harder to keep their page rank
relevant based upon a massive amount of irrelevant links and in a lot
of cases damn right dishonest linking. Google have been very clever
keeping up with the dishonest attempts to fool its ranking mechanism,
but for every compromise they have had to make in fixing these issues
they have moved further and further away from the core of what made
the page ranking the massive success that it is.

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