The Big Question - Best option for SEO?

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Hello All,

Its Time I asked the Big question what do I do with my web site(s)
and in particular, SEO.   Over the past couple of years, my two web
sites ( and have
come together, and evolved, and have expanded in size.  However, I am
aware that I should be doing some SEO, but really have no idea where
to start.  Everything I have done so far has been through advice and
reading posts on this forum, and its worked sort of.

However, my business is to make money from my services and products.
There are only a few people in my company, and I cant pay somebody to
do SEO full time, and I would rather be out there selling my services
than fidding with web sites.  So, options on the table are:

1)    Do it myself part time in which case, where can I get information
on the ways to do good SEO (there are lots of ebooks on the subject
for around150 a pop, but are they any good?)
2)    Outsource but how do I know if the company is any good, or will
get the web sites blocked from google, generate tons of spam, or even
increase the number of hits I get, etc
3)    Hire somebody to do it either part time or full time

Any advise would really be appreciated.


Re: The Big Question - Best option for SEO?

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Check out websites of people participating here: how well do the pages
score for the keywords? How does the HTML look, how do they link?

John Bokma                            

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