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Hi, to anyone who is interested in this...

I have spent ages trying to find out how to get to the top...
The most informative (and free) source I have found to date is at

This is a site by a guy called Robert Woodhead, who, in my mind is an
absolute genius !

The site he has created is packed full of info ranging from how to optimise
your site, to which engines and lists to get on, who's good & who's not...
and what you will be wasting your time on

It may take a week or so of reading, but I CAN GUARANTEE it is worth every
second you spend !

I started with nothing....
I got on the first page of Google, (screwed up though and now I think i am
banned !...)
But, to save all this, for approximate use of  keywords to my site, On Yahoo
( and .com) I am ranked No1... yes No1 !!!!! and have stayed rooted
there for some weeks now...

My site hits have multiplied by 100 !

It appears to me you have to tweak your site first to look just how the
engines want to find you, get all your keywords description and body text
just right...

I also use
This place will rip your html to bits and tell you what is wrong (and
perhaps how to fix it)...

My top suggestion is dont pay anyone else...
DO IT YOURSELF !!... sit back, and wait (perhaps months)

Bob McNobby

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