That's sneaky of them

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Is this ethical? (rhetorical question)

"San Diego-based Web hosting provider --------- may be using the Web sites
of its customers, without their knowledge, to promote its own ranking
within search engine algorithms.

Contributors to a Webhosting Talk thread claimed the company was
"cloaking" customer sites to increase its own search engine rankings,
displaying optimized pages to search engine spiders and unmodified pages to
real users."

Edward Alfert - /
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Re: That's sneaky of them

 > Edward Alfert wrote:
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Absolutely not.  If I was hosting there, I'd have
moved my site already.

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There is always going to be unethical hacking to improve site
results.  It's the nature of the beast.  People really think they
should get something for nothing.  Ultimately, what people are looking
for, most of the time, is CONTENT!

Re: That's sneaky of them

Laurie D. T. Mann wrote:

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That's right but what if your content is on page 50?
I sympathise with anyone taking steps to get to page 1.

Re: That's sneaky of them

 > yonnermark wrote:
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Depending on what you're searching for, Google would point
to the page with the most relevant combination of
content/title/headings/keywords.  It might give a little "extra
credit" to the index.html page, but it's not an all or nothing thing.
Besides, unless the people putting the site have no clue about
navigation, it should just be one link to go from any page
to "page 1."

Laurie Mann
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