Thanks for the feedback

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Thanks for all the comments and feedback, most of it really helpful and I
will be careful before jumping into bed with any SEO firm.  I think overall
we are on the right track, the site is nine months old, there are no dynamic
URL's (We use a CMS and URL Rewriting), we add at LEAST 4 real news stories
per day, written by journalists, and we plan on starting a blog.

We also plan adding a "comment on this story" section, similar to what the
BBC News does, and also a PRODUCT REVIEW section, allowing users to review
many different products.

We plan on getting weekly interviews with high profile figures within our
industry, and will feature them.

A glossary of terms has been written, and I will upload it shortly - its
huge too.  We may also have a "mailbag section" where we answers questions
in a typical magazine, print question and answers.

Lots of work ahead, but we are in this for the end game - im quietly



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