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This email was sent by Yahoo CFO Susan Decker to all Yahoo employees
today at 9:01 AM PST and has the details of who's doing what in their
new Advertiser & Publisher Group. Lots and lots of SVP and EVP
promotions from the Yahoo ranks, and other peanut butter being spread

I want to do a summary of this email but it is so dense with corporate-
speak that I can't get more than three paragraphs in before I get
distracted and/or zone out.

From: Sue Decker
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 9:01 AM
Subject: Update on APG Organization


In December, Yahoo! announced the formation of the Advertiser &
Publisher Group (APG), and today I am excited to provide more details
with you about how we will be structured and the talented team that
will lead APG.

The mission of the Advertiser & Publisher Group is to lead the
transformation of how advertisers connect with their target consumers
and businesses across the Internet, thereby driving more value for
more advertisers and more publishers than any other company. We
believe we have the right combination of assets to capitalize on the
market opportunity and drive long-term strategic growth for Yahoo!.
Our primary objectives in designing this organization are driving
customer-centricity, maximizing accountability and facilitating fast,
smart decision-making. To that end, we have organized APG around three
key critical functions:

1.    Demand Channels: focused on providing marketing solutions to our
advertising customers
2.    Supply Channels: focused on strategically selecting and serving our
publishing customers
3.    Marketing Products: focused on matching every advertising offer
from our demand channels to the best piece of advertising inventory
from our supply channels, whether that is on Yahoo! or on one of our
publishing partners' sites.

Marketing Solutions (Demand Channels). Consistent with Yahoo!'s
organizational focus on being customer-centric, we have chosen to
organize our demand channels around two primary sets of advertisers:
those who interact with us through a direct sales relationship (Direct
Sales Channel) and those that interact with us primarily through a
self-service online model (Online Channel).

The Direct Sales Channel will be led by Greg Coleman, EVP Global
Sales, who will continue to manage our industry-leading direct
Internet sales organization focused on delivering the most effective
marketing solutions to our larger customers. Wenda Harris Millard and
David Karnstedt will continue to report to Greg and lead Yahoo!'s
direct sales organizations. Greg and his team will also continue to
drive our international sales growth, working in tandem with the sales
leadership in local markets. The sales operations team will largely
remain in Greg's organization as well, while we will be moving yield
management and inventory optimization to a new group on which I'll
elaborate below.

The Online Channel will be led by Rich Riley, who has been promoted to
SVP Online Channel & Small Business Services. Rich will lead this team
in enhancing and delivering value to those businesses that interact
with Yahoo! primarily through a self-service online model, whether
they are looking for marketing solutions, publisher products or
merchant solutions.

Yahoo! Publisher Network (Supply Channels). Our publishing customers
are a critical component of the ad network ecosystem, and we are
committed to driving and expanding monetization opportunities for this
important customer segment. I have asked Hilary Schneider to lead the
Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) organization. I also want to thank
David Karnstedt, who stepped in to lead this group while also leading
direct search sales, and enhancing the overall connection and strategy
of this group to be more aligned with advertising customer objectives.
This team will be instrumental in developing and executing our global
strategy of becoming the leading search, display and listings-based ad
network by securing ad inventory on off-Yahoo! publisher sites. This
off-Yahoo! inventory will complement the Yahoo! network inventory and
enable our demand channels to offer our advertising customers not only
the broadest array of marketing products but also the most robust and
high quality audiences as well. As part of his responsibilities for
the online channel, Rich Riley will drive the strategy around customer
acquisition and retention of small publishers, supporting Hilary in
this capacity.

Marketing Products Division (MPD). The Marketing Products Division is
the "magic in the middle" that connects the two customer-centric
functions described above. This division is responsible for developing
the marketing products and ad marketplaces that will drive the
greatest effectiveness for our advertising customers and the highest
monetization for our publishing customers. MPD will achieve this by
optimally connecting the marketing offers generated by the demand
channels with the ad inventory generated by the Yahoo! network and YPN
with speed and scale. We are currently searching for the head of this
division. MPD is comprised of the following:

Search and Listings Marketplaces: Tim Cadogan has been promoted to
SVP, Search and Listings Marketplaces and will be responsible for
business and product strategy, marketplace design and matching,
business operations and policy for several marketing products,
including sponsored search, domain match and the submit family of
listings products.

Display Marketplaces: Todd Teresi has been promoted to SVP, Display
Marketplaces and will be responsible for business and product
strategy, marketplace design and matching, business operations and
policy for several marketing products, including display and content
match. As the mission of MPD is to optimally connect offers to
inventory, yield management and inventory optimization will move from
Sales Ops into this team.

As we move toward a more centralized model for product management in
order to drive our key objectives, two key organizations will support
these two ad marketplaces teams:

Product Management: Mark Morrissey has been promoted to SVP of APG
Product Management and will have global responsibility for the product
requirements and prioritization of all advertiser and publisher
marketing products, including sponsored search, domain match, content
match, display advertising, advertiser applications, publisher
applications, and mobile monetization. In the past, our products have
been largely managed separately - search vs. display vs. listings,
advertiser apps vs. publisher apps, small biz vs. YPNO. To align
around super-serving our customers by creating more seamless
experiences with our products and leveraging the breadth of our ad
products, we are moving toward a much more centralized product
management structure by adding display advertising, content match, and
publisher applications to Mark's current responsibilities.

Engineering: Qi Lu, EVP, Engineering will lead all engineering efforts
for APG and will partner with Mark Morrissey in Product Management to
ensure development and delivery of leading edge products. Qi continues
to report to Zod with a dotted line into APG. In his new role leading
the SDS-APG solutions team, Dev Patel heads the group that will
continue its key role as the data solutions provider to APG, working
with both engineering and product management.

Steve Mitgang and Lisa Morita have decided to leave the company to
pursue new challenges. Steve's existing product management and
marketing teams and Lisa's existing Customer and Content Solutions
team have become part of key groups in the new APG organization. With
Steve's departure, all of product management (formerly under Steve)
will now report to Mark Morrissey . Product marketing in Steve's org
will be organized with product strategy reporting to Tim and Todd in
their respective product areas and channel marketing reporting to the
demand/supply channels. With Lisa's departure, Customer Solutions will
report to Rich Riley and Tim Cadogan will lead Content and Product
Policy, Product Quality and Analysis, Content Solutions and
International CCS, on an interim basis. Steve and Lisa have been
tremendous assets to the company, and I sincerely wish them both well
in future endeavors.

In addition to the Demand and Supply channels and the Marketing
Products division, APG includes the Local Markets & Commerce Division
and Strategic Marketing and Major Initiatives.

Local Markets & Commerce Division (LMC, formerly Marketplaces). Hilary
Schneider has been promoted to EVP of LMC and the publisher network.
She will continue to run the Marketplaces businesses (Shopping,
Travel, Autos, Real Estate, Local, Hot Jobs, Personals), which are
being re-branded Local Markets & Commerce and, as discussed above, she
will also oversee our publisher strategy. Hilary has extensive
experience managing the operations of large publishing companies in
both digital and print media, including Knight Ridder and Red Herring,
and I am confident in her ability to lead and grow both the YPN and
LMC organizations.

Second, I will look to hire a leader for Strategic Marketing & Major
Initiatives. This person will work closely with various groups to pull
together APG's customer and market segmentation understanding,
competitive benchmarks, and marketing and communications strategies.
He or she will manage a small APG incubation team to generate ideas
and implement plans for new segment-specific offerings.

Primary Support Functions

There are several key roles and teams that will serve in support
functions to extend my capacity to manage this new and dynamic
organization. I am happy to announce Jeff McCombs has been promoted to
chief of staff for APG. Jeff and I have worked closely for almost two
years on a variety of projects at Yahoo!, including most recently in
his capacity as the finance lead for the eBay deal, Yahoo!'s initial
foray into the graphical ad network business and he is already well-
versed in the new APG organization and many of its priorities.

I'm also pleased to announce a new addition to Yahoo!, Mark Rubash,
who will join Yahoo's finance team as SVP of Operations Finance for
APG. Mark will report to me until we identify and hire our new CFO and
will partner with Rachel Glaser to cover all of the operating groups
in the new structure (see separate email). David Windley is leading
the HR function for APG. David joined us recently from Microsoft where
he was the HR executive supporting the Chief Operating Officer. Mary
Grant will head up the talented legal team supporting APG, and Mary's
experience during her tenure at YSM will be invaluable to this group.

As with any changes of this scale, we are evolving the organization
over time. For example, we are still evaluating how we will organize
for global delivery, including our U.S. based employees that help us
deliver our products internationally. Additionally, to strengthen
accountability and streamline decision-making, the UED team will
transfer its reporting into one of the executives in the Marketing
Products Division. Until the leader of this group is named, the team
will continue to report through Larry Tesler.

Moving forward we are focused on finding the best ways to achieve our
mission with speed and scale to deliver the best experience for all of
our customers. Your leadership team will be facilitating the
transition of the organizational changes outlined in this email in the
coming weeks.

Please plan to join the APG all-hands today at 2 p.m. We invite all
Burbank employees to attend in person at the Burbank Marriott. For
those in other offices, you can access the live webcast from the front
page of Backyard. If you would like to submit a question to be
answered at this all-hands, please email question@yahoo-inc.com.

We have structured APG with the singular focus of driving more value
for more advertisers and more publishers than any other company. I am
incredibly excited by the opportunity ahead of us, the amazing assets
we have to build upon, the ability of the APG leaders and their
tremendously talented teams. Now, it's game time! I look forward to
all that we will accomplish together in 2007 and beyond.


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