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we have a site builder
which builds database driven template based sites
it is Host Header enabled production site
i.e. dispatcher from www.joe_shmo.com SERVER NAME
gets joe-shmo, from database finds site id and fills all pages

question one: does google robot support cookies?
question two: is there some way to still submit our customers' sites
to serach engines?????


Re: template host header based sites - help


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Nothing wrong with the above as long as search engines can follow your
URLs. If you have a ? in the URL it's worth checking if your pages are
indexed. If they are you aren't having a problem, if they aren't
you'll need to research why. Generally it's the number of variables,
go above 2 and your chances of indexing a severally reduced.

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Submitting a site to search engines that have spiders is basically a
waste of time. To get a site spidered by these types of search engines
(Google, Yahoo etc...) all you need is a link from a page that's
already in that search engine.

The problem is if you have just one link to a site you have to wait
for the spiders to find that one link. If it's from a heavily spidered
site then you can get a new site spidered in days, but if it's a low
PR page on a site that gets visited every few weeks or longer you
could be waiting months.

So if you want your clients sites in the search engines add as many
links to their sites as you can spare.

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