Sunday update is pretty consistent

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Hey All,

This last Sunday saw updates to all of our positions but no visible PR.

We had sites that we changed/Started to optimize for on Saturday morning
jump from >100 to #3 positions for their keywords on Sunday night.

THis is the quickest I have seen Google update.  I see no appreicable
activity in the other engines for the same sites.

Google is spidering and updating pretty quickly now it appears...every
Sunday night.

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Re: Sunday update is pretty consistent

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buggerit moved from #1 to #5 :(


Re: Sunday update is pretty consistent

mark | r wrote in

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Ah well, it must have become a bit boring for you so now there's a new
challenge - or you could take Philipp's philosophical perspective: there are
four happy SEOers out there who've all moved up a place :)

Personally, I've seen very little movement of main pages - in either
direction - but I've noticed a few sub-pages that are getting listed higher

The exception is a significant client for whom we have a 1/4,000,000 on
Google - and it's 1/9,000,000 on Yahoo, which is nice - but we've slipped to
2 on Google today :(

I'm also intrigued by Yahoo showing more than twice as many pages - does
Yahoo interpret "relevant" more liberally than Google? Surely their database
isn't twice that of Google, is it?

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