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I would like to get some suggestions on this site as far as search engines

All assistance would be appreciated

Re: Suggestions

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I didn't get past your welcome page because this was a clear sign that you
need to read up on seo.
welcome pages are not advised.

my best advice is to spend a few hours reading the articles at
That what I did 2 months ago and my site is now doing very well


Re: Suggestions

Servers normally have index.html as the default home page name, so as the
editor of your site you must put up a home page called index.html

The server manager can change this to some other name if you really want.

Alternatively the server manager can put in a list of names like:

The server will then use whichever file actually exists, so if you don't
have an index.html but do have index.htm and the caller asks for they pull the index.htm page.

You need to be careful about all this since there is nothing to stop you and
other sites from putting incoming links pointed at , , etc and will get errors if the exact file
name does not exist.

<strong>My recommendation is that when you start a new site use index.html
and never anything else.</strong>

Re: .  My suggestion was to delete the existing
file default.htm (a big picture and logo) and rename the existing
default2.htm as default.htm and hope that Google has not yet indexed
default2.htm to much extent.  Any internal links that refer back to
default2.htm need to be fixed also.  The bird could be included (on a
smaller scale) at the top of the new home page to the left of "The" and
"20%" in the top graphic.

Regards, Eric.

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Re: Suggestions

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index.htm or indes.html are the unix defaults. If you are hosted on an NT
server it must be default.htm, or default.html


Eddie The Gloucestershire Portal Software & Internet

Re: Suggestions

Actually on most Internet platforms index.htm and default.htm are the
starting documents on NT index.html or default.html are
but they are basically the same thing starting pages for the site.
The reason I had a default2.htm is becuase I have a logo page on default.htm
which I have removed at the suggestions of one of the group members when I
posted the Suggestion question in the first place, the topic has gotten way
of from a suggestions needed to a coding question


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