Success! Sort of... (how I got good rankings) and what I did to get them

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I've been reading here and posting lots of questions, getting help from
you guys.

My site is a small service in a brick and mortar location.  We get our
customers mainly from adwords - people looking for someone like us
locally, finding our website, and scheduling an appointment.

This week has been golden.  Our technology was on display on a major
prime time show, which generated lots of interest.  I updated our
website on the 7th, not knowing that was going to happen.

Inktomi gave us a top 5 listing on most of our major keywords, bleeding
into MSN which has given us a 100% increase in their traffic (still a
minor part of our traffic).  This gave me some real encouragement.

I got hit by the googlebot 6 times so far this month, 3 or 4 since my
site update.  My PR increased from zero to two.  My adwords are
generating backlinks - actually - for "links" I still have none
(strange), but for "sites containing the term", I have
3 pages (about 30 links), and when I click on the "repeat the search
with omitted results included, I have 310.  about 20 listed sites have
links to me that aren't adwords.

Tonight Google gave me front page listings (a few top 5 and #1s) for 8
of my top 10 keywords.  The highest traffic ones are still out of reach
- one I'm in the 40's and the other I'm in the 90's.  Unfortunately,
those two generate thousands of searches a month (according to
overture's tool), and the rest cumulatively are around 1000 combined.

The good news is that I have adwords coming up on the top bar for the
primary keywords.

I'm going to add some new pages focusing on my main keywords this week
to hope for a better listing, but with 8 front page listings I'm happy
as can be.

I have several (5 or 6) pr6 links inbound that aren't showing up yet, as
well as a whole boatload of internal pr0 links (going on 1000 now, yep,
real content, because we make the pages for our customers as part of our

With the inktomi listings and the prime time show this week, we were
booking 10 appointments a day, and 2 a day this weekend.  (before we
were at about 2 a day, none on weekends).  I can't wait to see what
google brings me this month!

I know I'm bragging a lot, but right now I have a lot to be excited
about.  I did all this without cloaking or keyword stuffing or any of
that.  I think the big difference our new site makes for our customers
is the fact that we openly display our pricing and we have a lot of info
on our site about what we do, how it works, etc. whereas most of our
competitors have a "call us for more info" kind of attitude on their sites.

Here's a list of things I did that I learned about here and elsewhere to
make these changes (by the way, we were just about non-existant in
search engines before I got started in this newsgroup):

1) Title tags - different keywords for each page, not stuffed with a
bunch of keywords, just a couple, short and sweet. (I think overdoing it
would have affected the density of our keywords in the title pages
making them less valuable)

2) Keywords in H1

3) Keywords in bold at least once in paragraph

4) keyword.htm pagenames where possible and appropriate

5) real content.  Not a bunch of fluff.  Articles of interest for my
focus area.

6) migrate all php pages to htm pages

7) keyword density - not too much, not too little.  checked out the top
pages for my search terms, and where I thought they simply got it wrong,
  I checked out the next guy down the line.  (example - one top site had
a keyword density of like 80 percent - almost no text, very little
meaningful content, if any.  That just seemed wrong to me, so I checked
everyone else on the top 10 list and the well designed ones were around
8-20 percent, so thats what I aimed for).

8) inbound links - this will help in more ways than one.  bought a few
ads, talked to a few people, and gave recipricol links where it wouldn't
end up hurting me in the future.

9) page count - I realized that putting up web pages for my customers
was pretty easy since we put together material for them anyways.  So I
placed a footer with good link text back to my main page and offered the
web pages as a free bonus.  It gives me a lot of relevant content
(mostly art, not a lot of text), and keeps my content fresh.

10) inbound link text - it's harder getting people to put link text on
their site than a banner (surprisingly), but the anchor text counts, so
I offered to make the changes myself or send code.

11) lightning - I still haven't gotten struck by lightning, but
apparently, that's really good for your search results to.

12) smaller pages - a good redesign gave me smaller pages and a better
look and feel.  Not much of a difference SE-wise, but I think that the
customers like it better.

13) meta-tags - useless for google, but spending time figuring out the
keywords to emphasize on each page helped me to focus the content on
each page.  Some pages just weren't meant to rank highly for any
keywords.  You simply can't focus your contact page on anything but the
end user experience.

14) alt tags - probably a lot of wasted effort, but I put keyword
friendly names on my image files and in their alt tags.  Noone told me
to do this, I just figured it was a good thing to do since I was in the
middle of a site redesign.

15) sex - I work better with more sex in my life.  nightly loving is

16) keyword directories - probably also wasted effort.  Wish I hadn't
done it, because it makes navigation difficult.  In a month or two, I'll
rename directories better, and maybe 302 them to more user-friendly
directory names.

17) table descriptions - dreamweaver has options to make my site
friendly to the blind.  I used them, and made sure to use keywords when
appropriate.  I don't know if these helped at all.  I'm figuring not,
but I don't consider it wasted effort.  It was easy, and if it makes it
easier to browse my site, all the better.

I think that's it.  Hopefully some of this info is helpful to you guys
out there.  Thanks for all the help, all the advice, and most
importantly, for the money you've helped me generate.  I'm too tired to
name names and add links to this post, but if you've replied to any of
my questions, give yourself a pat on the back -- you've helped tremendously.

Here's to a whole week of 10 appointment days!!!

Re: Success! Sort of... (how I got good rankings) and what I did to get them

what are your keywords? or some of them?
Are they of a commerical nature?

Re: Success! Sort of... (how I got good rankings) and what I did to get them

Brothermark wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
I'd rather not publish my keywords, as I don't want the competition out
there coming after me :).

My keywords are based on the technology we use in the office, so there
is a lot of .edu out there to compete with, and there are a few national
franchises that I have to worry about, as well as mom and pop shops that
are growing in number dramatically.

I would say that they are similar to things like "lasik laser", "lasik
eye surgery", "lasik oregon" at the early stages of the lasik eye
surgery boom.

Re: Success! Sort of... (how I got good rankings) and what I did toget them

What a nice and positive post! Congratulations on your work! It sounds like you
have learned alot from this group, and I wish to thank you again for your
inspiring post.

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